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Bob Tonasket

The family of Bob Tonasket held a headstone blessing April 7, 2024. The sky cleared out the clouds, there was a deer laying in the grass 10 yards from Bob's grave and some saw an eagle sitting in a tree behind Linda.

We apologize to those who did not get contacted. We wanted to keep the event a family-only occasion with immediate family and pallbearers attending.

There are many to thank for making the blessing take place: the Veterans program, who provided the military headstone; Sonny Carden setting the stone (Sunny is a very busy man, transports for the veterans to Wenatchee, Spokane, for medical appointments; setting headstones etc.)

Thanks to those who helped with the dinner potluck provided by family and pallbearers honoring Bob. Chubbers drumming at the graveside. Granddaughter Alexis saying a prayer in Salish and translating the prayer in English; granddaughter Tony smugging at the gravesite and Father Joe blessing the headstone; Roberta who provided tarps; grandson Darren providing the chairs; Henry and Deon for the tables; flowers placed on the grave by nephew Aaron.

Thank you to all who supported us on this sad day.

Robin, Pokey, Linda,

grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


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