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Last updated 4/20/2022 at 1:04am

Grand Coulee


4/11 - A man reported about $1,000 worth of stuff taken from his vehicle parked at Williams Avenue including numerous tools and a subwoofer speaker. 

4/12 - Police received a license plate that had been lying in Spokane Way. Police were unable to find any contact information for the registered owner and placed the plate into an evidence locker.

- An officer helped a tribal officer restrain a patient at the hospital, an inmate at a tribal jail, who was kicking while being restrained. 

4/13 - At almost midnight, police attempted to pull over a Nissan Pathfinder near SR-174 and Federal Avenue because it was known to have expired tabs. The vehicle didn’t pull over, eventually driving onto Grand Coulee Hill Road. The vehicle was reported by police as frequently driving into the oncoming lane at a high rate of speed with no regard for public safety. Police terminated the chase.

- The top of a man’s convertible was cut while parked on Kelso Avenue, with an estimated cost of $2,500 to replace it.

4/14 - A Roosevelt Drive woman is being cited for the second time for her dogs running at large after an elderly woman was accosted by them while walking her own dog.

4/16 - Suspicious vehicles were reported on Roosevelt Drive, parked facing each other, then driving away when a man turned on his lights. 

4/17 - Police looked at a vehicle broken down across from Hometown Pizza. The owner explained that she was planning on towing it the next morning.

- A Grand Coulee officer responded to Holly Street in Coulee Dam, where four gunshots were heard. Police didn’t find any shell casings or hear any shooting. Tribal police also responded, also not finding anything.

Coulee Dam


4/11 - Police responded to a fire alarm at the Lake Roosevelt Schools, where it was determined that a student had assaulted another student, then pulled the fire alarm. He faces a charge for the false alarm, and may face an assault charge, as well.

4/14 - Police told a mother that her son was indeed at school and that he has a good attendance record. She had requested they check on him.

4/16 - Police determined a man was fit to drive after performing a field sobriety test after pulling him over for expired tabs and smelling a marijuana odor in his car. He was cited for the expired tabs.


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