Colville Tribes to address Covid-19 surge


Last updated 1/19/2022 at 7:58am

The Colville Business Council said it will meet this week to discuss the surge in COVID 19 cases and determine the necessary steps to address the surge.

The CBC urged the community to be responsible and proactive to avoid contracting or spreading COVID 19 by getting vaccinated and wearing masks in public places, washing hands, and maintaining distance regardless of vaccination status.

“This is a critical situation, and the Council and Tribes are working to ensure that everyone is aware of the most updated policies and procedures, as well as the current recommended safety precautions,” said council Chairman Andy Joseph Jr.

Updated policies and procedures, derived from the CDC guidelines, are being drafted by the Public Health Officer and will be implemented in collaboration with the clinics this week.

COVID-19 Emergency Operations staff are available to assist tribal members and families with: COVID-19 information, vaccine information, contract tracing, referral and case management services, including food assistance, medical care and testing, in-home care and medical transportation, mental health and substance abuse treatment and support and essential cleaning and sanitation supplies for elders and other vulnerable adults.

Emergency Operations can be reached at (509) 634-7350.


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