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Grand Coulee


11/2 - A Banks Avenue property owner observed through a camera system someone measuring things on her property like a construction worker would do. She is submitting the video to police and just wants to know why they were measuring things on her property. 

- A television found outside Coulee Boulevard storage units, in the box, was not stolen as was thought by the man who found it, but rather was delivered there by mistake. The man who found it, along with an officer, delivered it to the man and woman who ordered it and lived nearby. They were happy to see it.

11/3 - A car was pulled over on the causeway on SR-155 because it was registered to an unlicensed driver. Police spoke to the man and cited him for driving without a license and insurance, and told him he couldn’t drive without a license. He said it was his constitutional right to drive, but the officer explained that it wasn’t, and that he needed a license. The man then said he would continue to drive no matter how many times he was cited. Police then told him that, in that case, the vehicle would need to be towed. The man refused to exit the vehicle, leading to the charge of obstruction. He then drove to his nearby residence in the Osborn Bay area followed by the officer who had his lights and siren on. This led to the charge of eluding police. The man was then arrested and pulled his arms away while being arrested, leading to the charge of resisting arrest. The man was taken to jail for these charges without further incident.

- Police spoke to two women on Roosevelt Drive who had argued and pushed each other, with neither suffering injuries. One of the women wanted to leave the residence with her daughter, and the other didn’t want her to take the child. Since the former is the legal guardian of the child, police told her she could take the child if she wanted.

- A woman on Roosevelt Drive reported that another woman trespassed on her property. She showed police a video that showed a dog on her yard, and a woman further away behind her property line. Police said that the dog being on her yard was a dog-at-large situation, and dogs can’t violate a no-trespassing order.

11/4 - A Coulee Boulevard man reported another man standing outside his door, acting like a zombie and making aggressive movements. Police are familiar with the man and his odd behavior but were unable to locate him.

- Police investigated a potential burglary in progress on Continental Heights where an open door was reported as suspicious. A woman came out and explained she had burned food, and opened the door to air out the house.

11/5 - Arguing and banging noises were reported at Coulee Boulevard apartments. The people inside the apartment said they were just drinking some beers, and not arguing. No one at the apartment showed signs of injury. They said their neighbor calls the police on them because she mad that she isn’t invited to drink with them. 

- A woman was banned from the King’s Court laundromat after pushing the manager there. She was upset that when she was gone a while her laundry was removed from a machine, and also about having to wear a mask. 

- A boy was reported as kicking a door at the former Center Elementary School while girls egged him on. Police found the boy nearby and spoke to him while the girls giggled. There was no damage at the school. The boy’s mother was told about the boy kicking the door and she wasn’t happy about that.

11/8 - A woman in a pink coat with several duffle bags spent a few hours in the 4-Corners gas station, mostly sitting on the benches. The woman allegedly stole several items, and when confronted outside the store, ran off. She was reported as stealing lighters, sunglasses, postcards, and gloves, with a combined total value of under $100.

- A man was reportedly looking into vehicles at a Miller Avenue residence, and was still around the property when police arrived. The man said he didn’t know he wasn’t allowed to be there. His speech was slurred and he appeared to be under the influence of drugs. He had been reported by various people for suspicious behavior multiple times in recent days. Despite being wanted on multiple warrants, the jail wouldn’t book him unless it was a charge that required mandatory booking. He was later reported as staring at an Electric City Bar & Grill employee and making her feel uncomfortable. 

Coulee Dam


11/1 - Police checked on an elderly woman on Camas Street who called 911 twice accidentally. She said she was trying to call her daughter.

11/4 - Police pulled over a man on River Drive for crossing over the centerline. Police smelled intoxicants on the man and asked him to step out of the car. The man has a concealed weapons permit and a gun, which police removed for him. The man apologized, saying he forgot he had it in his pocket. The man was cited for driving under the influence after refusing to perform field sobriety tests or give a breath sample.

11/7 - A man told police that his stepson was arguing with another Lake Roosevelt student and might get attacked by the other student. The man asked for advice, and an officer told him that his stepson was allowed to defend himself if he were attacked.


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