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Last updated 4/7/2021 at 8:07am

Grand Coulee Police

3/25 - An officer responded to a barking dog complaint on Roosevelt Drive. Police observed a tan colored dog barking. The dog wouldn’t allow the officer onto the property, so he sprayed it with a half second spray of “OC,” or pepper spray, to the dog’s face. There was no answer at the owner’s door. 

3/27 - A juvenile was reported driving a golf cart recklessly on Coulee Boulevard. He was told not to drive an unregistered golf cart in the roadway.

4/1 - Police noticed a door open on a truck parked on Second Street that has been there for years. The officer found a 76-year-old man crouched inside as if looking for something. The man said he was looking for a registration so he could contact the owner and perhaps buy the truck. The officer explained that he wasn’t allowed to go through the truck or take a registration. The man was cited for vehicle prowling.

4/2 - Responding to a report of trespassing on Fifth Street, an officer found the son of the property owner there to chop wood.

- A vehicle said to have been stolen from Cedar Street in Coulee Dam in the morning was found near the rodeo grounds in Grand Coulee.

4/3 - A vehicle parked by the roadway in Colville was found by Stevens County sheriff’s deputies to belong to someone on O’Sullivan Street in Grand Coulee. A woman at the address said that the owner had driven the car up to Colville to play golf.

4/4 - A 911 hangup call in Electric City appears to have been children on Goodfellow Avenue playing with a phone. 

Coulee Dam Police

3/30 - Loose dogs were reported on Stevens Avenue. Police saw a picture of the dogs and believed they were from Ferry Avenue. The officer spoke to the owner, who confirmed the dogs got loose. The officer advised her to fix her fence so the dogs wouldn’t get loose.

4/1 - One vehicle hit another vehicle that had stopped and was waiting to turn left onto River Drive near the smoke shop. An officer spoke to both drivers and cited the driver who hit the other vehicle for driving with a suspended license.


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