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Governor Inslee, what is Phase 3?

When our state moved into Phase 2 of Governor Inslee’s latest iteration of a reopening plan, it signaled a well-deserved step forward for our region. Following guidelines under the leadership of local health districts and elected officials, we worked together to reduce our hospitalization rates, prevent the spread of the virus, and lower the number of cases in our regions. We earned our way into P...


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Amanda Burton writes:

Everything in this letter to the editor is 100 percent accurate. Our Governor needs to lay out the remainder of his plan and he needs to stick to it. We need to know that there is an end to this, and our kids need to be back in school full time. The status quo cannot continue indefinitely. It is interesting to me that the 6’ away mandate is what is keeping our kids from going back to full time because of classroom size but that same mandate does not seem to be stopping sports from starting up. I am glad sports are back but school needs to be too. Making an exception to this mandate for sports but not education sends a very powerful message to parents....and not a good one.