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Last updated 2/17/2021 at 8:42am

Whether restricted by COVID or by distance, Lake Roosevelt Raider fans far and wide should soon be able to watch sporting events, assemblies, and graduations from the comfort of their own homes.

The Grand Coulee Dam School District bought a one-year, $2,000 service from Justagame Live, which will allow LR to livestream games and more online. 

The games can be recorded and streamed via smartphones and tablets operated by students, staff, or parents, or through hard-mounted cameras that could be operated remotely and cost around $750 each, explained Athletic Director Tim Rasmussen to The Star via Zoom on Feb. 12.

The cameras could be installed in the announcer boxes in Coulee Dam at LR’s football field, in the gymnasium, and at the soccer field at the former middle school in Grand Coulee. But in the meantime, smartphones and tablets can record and stream games live for home and road events alike. 

Rasmussen explained that the livestreams will be free for viewers this school year, but that the school has the option of charging viewers to watch the games in the future, from which the school would get 75% of the profits.

The service will be easy to use for football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and even baseball and softball, Rasmussen said. But cross country, track, and golf would present a challenge, and tennis would only reasonably be able to stream one match out of several occurring at a time. 

The service can also live stream graduations, assemblies, band concerts, and more. 

Rasmussen said that one benefit of the service is that relatives of students who don’t live in the area can watch events.

“It’s a great tool to engage all of the community and fans,” he said, adding that he could very well see the service extending beyond the Covid pandemic. 

The school also has a new athletic website,, which includes sports schedules and will lead viewers to the livestreams. 

Each sport’s team gets its own page on the website. 

The first sports events are scheduled for Feb. 27, with football, soccer, volleyball, and cross country events scheduled for that Saturday, although The Star was unable to learn prior to deadline if they will be streaming any of those events that day. 

A new website for Raider sports will link fans to streaming video of games.


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