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Covid stats in local counties reported

As we head into 2021, COVID-19, which stands for Coronavirus Disease 2019, when the disease originated, is still prominent in local counties as well as the whole of the state of Washington, which has reported over 33,000 cases in the past 14 days. 

Grant County Health District Tuesday night reported 10 additional deaths, most associated with previously reported outbreaks in long-term care facilities in Moses Lake and Soap Lake. The agency delays reporting deaths until the cause is confirmed on a death certificate and to allow family time to notify loved ones.

Three of the dead reported Tuesday were Moses Lake men in their 60s with underlying conditions putting them at higher risk of severe complications due to a COVID-19 infection.

As of Dec. 29, Grant County had reported 6,785 total COVID-19 cases including 83 deaths, 18 since Dec. 15.

There have been 24 cases in the Grand Coulee Dam area and 41 in the Coulee City area. The county has had 853 confirmed cases in the last 14 days for an incidence rate of 873, down from 969 Dec. 21.

The incidence goal is 25 or fewer cases per 100,000 residents. Most local counties are seeing rates in the multiple hundreds, as is the state as a whole.

Okanogan County has reported 1,703 total cases, including 32 deaths. There have been 27 cases in Coulee Dam, two since Dec. 22; eight in Elmer City; and 39 in Nespelem. The county has had 173 new cases in the past 14 days making for an incidence rate of 404.9, down from 435.3 Dec. 22.

Lincoln County has seen a total of 245 cases, including four deaths. There have been 28 cases reported in the past 14 days, making for a two-week incidence rate of 255, up from 173 Dec. 22.

Douglas County has reported 2,625 total cases, including seven deaths; 235 new cases in the past 14 days; an incidence rate of 541.1, down from 621.7 Dec. 22.

Washington state as a whole has seen 240,846 total cases, including 3,369 deaths; 33,191 cases in the past 14 days; an incidence rate of 439.8, down from 506.6 Dec. 22. 

Sources: Washington State Department of Health, Washington State Coronavirus Response, Grant County Health District, and Okanogan Public Health, Lincoln County Health Dept., Chelan-Douglas Health District.


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