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Comments open until Saturday on plans for Spring Canyon

Potential changes include removal of swim dock and concession building


Last updated 5/28/2020 at 3:54pm

With time running out, people with ideas about plans emerging for Spring Canyon, the popular beach and park on Lake Roosevelt just east of Grand Coulee, should make them known to the National Park Service.

You have until the end of the day on May 30 to comment on potential changes at Spring Canyon, including the removal of the swim dock, removal of the concession building, and more.

The Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area Draft Visitor Use Site Management Plan and Environmental Assessment is available to view online and available for public comment.

The plan lists potential changes to nine sights along Lake Roosevelt, including Spring Canyon.

Page four in chapter 2 (2-4), in a list of potential actions relevant to all sites along Lake Roosevelt, lists as a “preferred alternative” to “improve visitor on-water safety by removing potential hazards such as the swim docks.”

And private vendor food trucks may replace what is supposed to be a concession stand that hasn’t offered concessions for some time.

Page 2-2 says about Spring Canyon that “the potential reuse of the existing concession building at Spring Canyon was considered but dismissed in favor or removing the building and repurposing the area for use by vendors. The existing concession building is not well configured for use and would require significant updates. Also, there are limited business opportunities for concessioners given the short season.”

Later, on pages 2-9 - 2-10, it says as a “preferred alternative” to “repurpose the concession building and create plaza space to accommodate multiple uses such as food trucks.”

The plan lists other potential changes relevant to accessibility improvements, campsite designs, improving traffic flow, and more.

A post sharing an earlier version of this article on The Star’s Facebook page received several comments from readers.

“The children in the area need the dock,” Gail Morin said. “It encourage them to learn to swim. Their goal is to make it to the dock. Their second goal is to make it to the “logs”. We have no local swimming pool, no swim lessons, no concessions at the lake, no life guards, no real NPS presence at the lake.”

“Leave the swim dock,” Connie Babler wrote. “Put in a new boat dock with slots in the cove area so the locals can rent a slot to leave their boats; this would free up the main docks for visitors. Make a parking area on the hill behind the concession building that would help solve the parking mess that exists now with parking.”

“Leave the Dock and OPEN the concessions,” said Alex Boyd. “I would pay for a Summer Pass to enter Spring Canyon if that is what it takes to OPEN the concessions. The kids need water, Gatorade, popsicles and a hotdog every once in a while, out there.”

Others gave a more cynical view of what’s coming. “I have a feeling the powers that be don’t care what we say and will do what they want,” said Janet Lynn Richart Christy.

Most of the comments echoed the sentiment of wanting the dock to stay or wanting there to be concessions. Others called for putting back playground equipment already taken out.

Multiple other comments encouraged people to comment officially on the plan, and not just on Facebook. 

“Just sent a letter to the [National Park Service] on the topic,” wrote Maryjane Smith. “If you don’t let your voices be heard don’t complain on Facebook.....let your thoughts be known on the website.....that is where change hopefully can be made.”

You can view and comment on the plan at .


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