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Last updated 4/29/2020 at 9:09am

Grand Coulee

4/21 - A man on Goodfellow Avenue reported that someone attempted to kick his back door in. He believes it was a certain man. Photos were taken of the damage and the man repaired his door.

- An overdose was reported on King Street. An officer assisted in getting a man to the hospital. The man calmed down while at the hospital and fell asleep, the police report noted.

- A person reported animal cruelty on Continental Heights, where a dog reportedly had been locked in a van day and night. No dog was found in the van.

4/22 - A woman reported that someone might be inside the former Center Elementary School building, noting a light was on in the normally dark building. A neighbor said one of the new owners of the building had been at that location during the day. All doors appeared secure.

- A dirt bike revving its engine was reported on Dill Avenue. An officer found a man sitting on a dirt bike revving its engine, seemingly to show it off to two other people present. The officer told him the noise was bothersome, and he put the bike away.

- A debit card was reportedly stolen from a man on F Street. A woman accused of stealing it said her name is also on the account and that she helps get his money deposited into the account. The card had been overdrafted $100 and she didn’t think it was wise to give it back to him, but did so anyway. An officer suggested she take her name off that account.

- Malicious mischief was reported at an apartment on Grand Coulee Avenue. The manager stated she wanted a tenant’s girlfriend to leave the property. The girlfriend left. An officer noted no damage inside the apartment.

4/23 - An illegal dumping was reported near Osborne Bay and SR-155. Branches were dumped and a little garbage, but no garbage that identified a suspect.

4/24 - An officer checked on the welfare of a man on Taylor Street at the behest of his sister who said she hadn’t heard from him in a few days. The man was fine and used the officer’s phone to call his sister.

4/25 - Police jailed a man on Burdin Boulevard for harassment and obstruction following an incident in which his mother and neighbor felt unsafe as the intoxicated man attempted to enter both of their residences, prompting them to call police. The man was uncooperative with officers as they attempted to talk to him and arrest him.

4/26 - An officer responded to an all-terrain vehicle accident just outside Electric City near Fairway Road. Three people had been riding the vehicle when it flipped, and a woman had a deep cut on her arm and a broken bone. The officer applied a tourniquet to her arm and helped escort the ambulance to the hospital.

- A man on Dill Avenue reported a dresser, a bowl, and eating utensils stolen out of his car trailer.

- A man kayaking from the Million Dollar Mile to Coulee Playland was supposed to take about six days to make the trip. When he was about two days late, On April 24, a friend who had dropped him off reported him missing. The man showed up on April 26.

4/27 - A stolen Honda Accord was found on Kelso Avenue with the name of a suspect on identification inside, as well as what appeared to be meth and meth smoking devices. The man was not found. Charges of vehicle theft and possession of a controlled substance were recommended by the officer. The vehicle was towed.

- A man turned down his tv after someone complained to police about it being too loud.

- An officer assisted the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office by responding first to a report of a domestic situation on SR-174. A man was sleeping in a vehicle outside, and two people inside said they had been arguing with him but weren’t anymore. Lincoln County officers arrived and the Grand Coulee officer left.

- An Electric City woman reported receiving harassing calls and messages from ex-friends with whom she’d had a falling out. Police told her to contact the courts to get a no-contact order.

4/28 - Police responded to an alarm at a Banks Avenue residence. All the doors were secured and a message left with the owner.

Coulee Dam

4/10-4/24 - A man reported that a table saw, tile saw, and lawnmower had been stolen over time from a Fir Street residence he is remodeling and not always at.

4/20 - An officer ran the Idaho plates of a PT Cruiser near Mead Avenue and Fir Street and found that the plates belong to a Ford Fusion. The officer pulled over the vehicle and asked the man driving and the woman passenger to step out of the vehicle. The man said he didn’t know about the license plates and that it was his sister’s car. He was wanted on a warrant, but wasn’t arrested due to jail restrictions because of COVID-19. The incident was referred to the Okanogan County Prosecutor. The car, which belongs to a woman in the Pullman area, was impounded.

4/24 - A man on Tilmus Street reported someone attempted, but failed, to steal gas from his car. He found the gas door open and the gas cap off, but no fuel appeared to be missing.

- Someone called 911 and said they were at 106 Columbia and would need a courtesy ride. Dispatch said the caller thought they were in Bridgeport but weren’t sure. An officer realized that there is no 106 address on Columbia Avenue in Coulee Dam, and didn’t see anyone on the street who appeared to want to talk to an officer.

4/25 - Police cited a man for reckless driving after driving across the Columbia River Bridge on Roosevelt Way at about 57 mph in the 30 mph zone. The driver said he hadn’t been paying attention and was just enjoying the nice day.


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