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Electric City declares state of emergency

Electric City Mayor Diane Kohout declared a state of emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic, and utility late fees and shutoffs have been suspended for the duration of the situation.

A special council meeting was held on March 19 in the Electric City Fire Station in order to observe social distancing as a precaution due to the coronavirus.

Kohout told the council that she was declaring a state of emergency due to the coronavirus outbreak creating “extreme risk of person to person transmission for people working in city” and because it “affects life, health, property, or public peace”

The state of emergency, approved by the council, will last until April 28 unless extended by the council.

In the state of emergency, Kohout is allowed to appoint employees or change work hours without standard approval by the council, as the emergency situation might require if employees were to get sick or otherwise be unable to work.

The council also approved an ordinance suspending utility late fees and shutoffs, “so that no one is without water in this time, because it’s important people have water to stay clean and wash,” Kohout said.


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