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Last updated 1/29/2020 at 9:56am

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1/20 - An officer spoke to the owner of a barking dog on Dill Avenue. The owner said the dog was just a puppy and she would bring it inside.

1/21 - Coulee Gas reported a 20-something woman had stolen some sunglasses then gotten into a green truck. The truck was found at Jack’s 4-Corners gas station. The owner of Coulee Gas told police a passenger was the woman who stole the sunglasses. The sunglasses were returned and she was banned from Coulee Gas.

- An officer assisted Coulee Dam police in attempting to locate a stolen white van on Smith Lake Road. Dense fog made it hard to locate such a vehicle there.

1/22 - A Dill Avenue man will be cited for dogs running at large after being warned for unlicensed pit bulls running at large in the past and then having another incident.

1/23 - Police spoke to people regarding what was deemed a civil dispute. A woman reported that a tenant of hers dumped a carpet from his residence on hers at Wetzel Avenue. The man said he was cleaning up the place so as to not get evicted and that the woman refused to split the dump cost with him.

- Police took photos of an accident on Switch Yard Road in which a bureau employee had lost control of a government vehicle, a white Ford pickup, on the unplowed road while driving into work. The vehicle slid down a bank and hit a barbed wire fence. The vehicle and the driver were fine. The fence had some damage.

1/24 - Fresh pry marks were found on the front door of a Burdin Boulevard residence. Nothing appeared to have been taken. A neighbor was asked to keep an eye on the place by the man who lives there.

- A dog owner was cited with a second offense of having his two dogs running at large on Dill Avenue, and for failure to license the dogs. The dogs were said to be chasing a neighbor’s cat. The officer noted the dogs were friendly when he took them back to their home.

1/25 - Bowen Street residents agreed to turn down their loud music.

- A hit and run was reported at La Presa, where a blue 1985 Chevy pickup drove into the building, security footage showed, causing damage to cinder blocks and cracking mortar and paint. The driver was contacted at his home, and he said he didn’t realize he’d hit the building, only that he hit a pilon. He provided his contact and insurance information, which was forwarded to the owner of the restaurant.

- A husband and wife were arguing on Stevens Avenue about him wanting to take the car. The wife was upset, saying she needed the car to go to work the next morning. The officer told her husband had a right to use the car since it’s registered to both of them. She cussed both of them out and went inside.

- A suspicious vehicle in the hospital parking lot turned out to be owned by an employee of the hospital on a break.

1/26 - Music was turned down in an upstairs apartment along Coulee Boulevard.

1/27 - A shepherd-type dog was reported running loose near Federal and Weil avenues. Such a dog was not found by police.

- An officer assisted Coulee Dam and tribal officers in a case of an Electric City man being driven around with a minor who has a no-contact court order against the man. The man was taken to jail by a Coulee Dam officer.

- A man on Main Street was told to contact his landlord regarding his complaint about a downstairs neighbor tapping on his floor.

Coulee Dam


1/21 - A woman reported her van stolen from her Columbia Avenue residence. The woman, in Nevada at the time of the report, was told by her granddaughter that the van had been gone for several days. A friend said a man said to live on Smith Lake Road along SR-174 had been driving it in the Omak area. That man is wanted on an arrest warrant. An officer was unable to see if the van was at that residence due to heavy fog. There is an attempt to locate the van, a white, 2005 Honda Odyssey.

1/24 - A girl was taken to Okanogan County Juvenile Detention following an incident at Lake Roosevelt in which she admitted to threatening to stab another student in the neck. She said he was bullying other students, and that she called him the “n” word before threatening to stab him. Police spoke to the vice principal, her parents and the other student involved, who said she was the one bullying others, as well as another student witness.

- An officer noted street lights off on several streets in west Coulee Dam, and notified public works to fix the problem.


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