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By Jesse Utz 

Senior profile: Rosa Carter


This week I am profiling another outstanding senior at Lake Roosevelt High School. I have watched her grow up right before our eyes. She has had many ups and downs in her educational career here within the walls of the Coulee, but she is putting the pieces together and is ready to take on whatever is next. Here is a little bit of my talk with Rosa Carter.

“It’s going alright,” is how Rosa answered my first question about her senior year, and then the normally quiet young lady opened up the flood gates. “It is stressful being the ASB president; I feel like I am supposed to be the role model, and I am expected to be at all events and to be involved with everything that is going on. It is all going way too fast.” In her first answer I picked up on the speed and pace of her year quickly moving her and the rest of her class to the end of her academic career here at Lake Roosevelt.

Her advice for future seniors also illustrated that: “Never let anything hold you back from what you want to do or try,” she advised. “Take your senior year seriously, and show up; every day is important. Don’t miss out, and enjoy every day because someday we all won’t be able to come together as a class.” Great advice, not just for students but for adults, as well.

Rosa knows about loss too. Early in life she lost her dad and her aunt, the two biggest supporters in her life.

“Losing my dad was a huge obstacle in my life,” she said. “I felt my whole support system was gone just like that. I realized that it was grow-up time, and I had to just grow up right now.” Losing her aunt was equally devastating, and she did not know whom to turn to in those hard days. But there were people who stepped up in life.

“Mrs. Darnold is my school Grandma,” the biggest influence in her life here at Lake Roosevelt, Rosa said. “She helps me with everything — school work, paperwork, graduation things, relationships and everything else I need help with.” She also mentioned her sister Rachel, as her biggest life influence. “She experienced all the same things I did and was there for me during the hard times. She pushed me to do my best and (to) never give up when times get tough.” Her sister lives in Spokane and checks in on Rosa periodically.

When I asked Rosa about her future plans, I did not get the answer I expected. “Get out and experience adulting on my own,” she said. “I was thinking about Spokane Falls or Glendow Cosmetology School, but I have talked to a few people and maybe that is not for me. I might just get a job and live for a while on my own. To be honest, I am just scared of what is next.” Such honesty from such a strong young lady is fresh and exciting.

It is important that we all know life can be a scary thing. Rosa has lived through some very tough things in her life at such an early age. But — and that is a big “but” — she has overcome like no other I can think of, and she is trying her very hardest to make the best of it all. Yes, life can be tough, but she is an example for us all to keep striving forward, to keep moving and not let any situation or person hold us down. Just keep living and loving.

I am so proud of this Raider. She will do great things and will overcome that fear that lingers there, out in the unknown of life. I also know she has way more supporters than she is aware of and the Utz family just became a bigger one. I hope that you just became one of her fans too.

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