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CBH: Huge hydropower project now far more likely here

Six-year project could start in two, bringing in 1000-plus workers

A proposed $1.4 billion hydropower project is looking more likely to happen in the area, its promoters say, and would bring in 1,000-1,500 workers during construction and create 100-150 permanent jobs.

The Banks Lake Pumped Storage Project would be a gravity-fed, pumped-storage system, draining water from Banks Lake, back down to Lake Roosevelt, turning generators in the process, and later pumping...


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Good info, Bob, thanks. Actually, the entire project is based on wind power's lack of generation at times, which seems to be propelling other forms of renewable energy, with storage, into a new role.

Chuck Hickey writes:

I wonder how much change in depth would occur in Banks Lake. What could be the daily change? Would it make the Lake better for recreation? Would it affect Sport Fishing?

Bob VALEN writes:

The article seemed to wave off wind power's lack of generation at times. Yet, there are several examples addressing energy storage both here in the U.S. and abroad. Here's a link that is about the subject of energy storage.

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