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Paragliders come down gently (includes video)

From Chelan Butte to Strahl Canyon Road at SR-174

A paraglider comes down from the sky into a field on Strahl Canyon Road just north of SR-174 in Douglas County, after taking off from Chelan Butte July 13, the final day of the US Open of Paragliding. - Chelan 2019. The seven-day event tested the skills of about 170 participants. Seventy of them made their goals on this Saturday. Other tasks on earlier days included flights from Chelan to Omak, Wilbur, Brewster and elsewhere. "Really good day, a lot of happy people," said Matt Senior, organizer of the event. "We live for this kind of stuff."

A chance encounter and interview as competition paragliders off Chelan Butte land off SR-174 and Strahl Canyon Road.

What's it look like up there? Check out the photos here:


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