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4/12 - An employee at the Hi-Co station on SR-174 reported a counterfeit $20 bill, checked with a special pen. The customers were an identified man and unknown woman. The woman was said to have tried to get the bill back, which the clerk denied. The man later said he got the bill when he sold a bluetooth speaker. The police report states the fraudulent bill is consistent with what is sold online at a particular website.

4/26 - A German man vacationing in the United States when he learned his bank account had been compromised and that someone had been making charges to it. The man, passing through Grand Coulee, en route to Seattle to return to Germany, requested a police report be made to appease the bank so they could investigate. An officer told him he could create a case, but couldn’t investigate outside the Grand Coulee area. The man provided bank records showing purchases in the Miami, Florida area.

4/29 - An officer pulled a Buick driver over on SR-155 near milepost 25 for following a Honda too closely, about 6 feet. The officer saw a man known to be wanted on a warrant in the back seat trying to hide under a blanket, whom he arrested and took to jail. The driver was told not to harbor fugitives. She said she didn’t know the man had a warrant, to which the officer replied, “I may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night.” The driver was cited for following too closely and for driving without insurance.

5/1 - Police took a damaged scooter from the Roosevelt Drive area from someone who wanted to turn it in to lost and found. The police will hold on to it for 60 days.

5/2 - A woman from Third Street reported being a victim of a fraud. She had received a check to fulfill an assignment of purchasing gift cards, removing the security strip, and taking pictures of the card number. After doing this, she found out the check was no good. She had responded to an ad for a secret shopper program.

5/3 - Officers arrived at a single-wide trailer on Burdin Boulevard in response to a report of a domestic disturbance, arrested and jailed a woman.

5/4 - Police responded to a vehicle fire on SR-155 and Electric Boulevard in Electric City. A Kia Sedona was completely burned to the ground, the police report states, seeming to have started in the engine bay and spreading to the rest of the vehicle. The remains were towed to Coulee City.

5/5 - An officer found that a Ford car at Coulee Gas was registered as a Pontiac. The driver was pulled over at Pole Park. He was found to have a suspended license and a warrant, was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

- A man and woman were accused of stealing $1.99 worth of ibuprofen from Jack’s 4 Corners gas station. An officer found no such item on them, and they were eating at a booth after purchasing about $20 of other items. The officer told them they were free to go.

5/7 - An officer removed a dead deer body from the roadway on SR-174 near milepost 23.

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