Senior profile: twin edition

Cassidy and Chazz Reyes


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I will always remember the day the Reyes twins were born. Karrie and Levi went to visit these two in the hospital at then-Coulee Community Hospital. I took Nickel to her softball game and was on the mound pitching when I saw Rick Paris walking across the field toward me. He waved me over and told me my house was on fire. But that is another story, this one is about Cassidy and Chazz Reyes. I recently sat down with the two of them and we spoke about their final year at Lake Roosevelt.

Both of them, not quite at the same time, answered the first question the same when I asked how their senior year at Lake Roosevelt was going. “Good,” was how they both answered and then it got a little different from there. Cassidy added, “I have an easy day and sports makes it go fast.” Chazz, the older brother, added, “There are lots of challenges this year, but it’s going good.”

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The Reyes twins had had every class the same up until their sophomore year. Then their schedules went different directions. “It has always been easy being twins in school; we could help each other,” said Chazz. Cassidy added, “Except when he steals my pencils.” They both gave that contagious Reyes smile after the joke. The jokes kept coming from Chazz, too. After every answer from Cassidy he would take a little jab at her in fun and they would both smile. That’s impressive, too, coming from Chazz.

He admitted that he has had to overcome being shy. “I have had to step out of my comfort zone this year,” he said. “Being shy has kept me from stepping out, but I had to this year.” Cassidy added, about overcoming things, “I had to start sticking up for myself; this year I decided to put myself first.”

When we talked about their influences, they both had a lot to say about their parents, John and Brenda Reyes.

“They have put us in a position to be the best we can be,” Chazz said. “Our parents have sacrificed a lot.” Cassidy echoed what he said, then added with tears in her eyes, “They don’t pressure us to go to college; they just want us to be happy.” There was a long pause and Cassidy got a little more emotional: “We watched them struggle over the years raising six kids and they still provided for us.”

More tears, more tissue, and then she continued, “I don’t think I will ever be able to repay them.” Chazz nodded in agreement. After we all composed ourselves, they talked of coaches and staff that have influenced them. Mr. and Mrs. Utz, Peewee Pleasants, Matt Pleasants and Melissa Meza have all had pivotal roles in getting them both where they are today.

They had some nuggets for seniors. “Never give up, push hard to get things done on time, and respect your peers,” said Chazz. Cassidy’s words were just as important: “Step out of your comfort zone, try a sport or a club, don’t take anything for granted, and don’t be negative all the time.” Great words of wisdom from two great young adults about to go out and conquer the world.

Cassidy quoted a statement made by Coach Matt Pleasants, and I think I will end with it: “If you have to do something, you might as well do it with enthusiasm, so it doesn’t suck as bad.” Great words that these two will carry with them forever. It has been such a joy to see them grow up in Coulee Country and succeed at high levels. Look out world, here come the Reyes twins.


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