All Raider wrestlers qualify for regionals

Five take championships at district


Kaleb Horn, at 138, racks up points 11-2 against Tonasket's Kevin Sanabria to take first place at the district tournament. - Scott Hunter photos

The Raiders hosted the 2B District 6 tournament on Saturday, and all 22 Raider wrestlers qualify for regionals.

Raiders placing first at the event were David Crowe, who wrestled in the 132-pound weight class; Kaleb Horn, at 138; Tony Nichols, at 152; Sherwin Vargas, at 220; and Terrance Saulque, at 285.

Horn spoke about his matches against Scott Kuntz from Tonasket, whom he pinned in 32 seconds; and Kevin Sanabria from Tonasket, whom he defeated 11-2.

"The first match was a pretty good go," Horn said, "Wasn't that hard of a match. My finals match, the kid was pretty good for a freshman, but he had to go down too."

Placing second were Colton Jackson at 106; Moses Luevano at 182; Steven Flowers at 195; and Trevon Johnson at 220.

Placing third were Robert Thomas, at 113; Taylor Circle, at 126; Dakota Seylor, at 132; Tyler Palmer, at 152; Brandon Long, at 170; Connor Klingenberg, at 195; and Joseph Tynan, at 285.

Long lost his first match to Ryden Zabreznik from Tonasket, but defeated him later in the third round. Long's second-round opponent, Elijah Burnell from Oroville, had defeated him the previous week at a match in Oroville, but Long took him down at the district tournament.

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"That was real cool; Brandon had two big wins," said Head Coach Steve Hood.

Other placers include Dylin Armstrong, who placed fourth at 113; Dylan Wiles, who placed fourth at 160; Myka Boyd, who placed fourth at 182; Kaiden Palmer, who placed fifth at 160; Sergio Galicia, who placed fifth at 170; and Everett Schmidt, who placed sixth at 126.

"We had a real good tournament," Hood said. "Our whole team qualified [for regionals], we didn't leave anybody off."

The regional tournament for District 5 and District 6 is being held in Oroville Saturday, Feb. 9, at 10 a.m.

"We're gonna have a great week of practice," Hood said. "We have the bracket and know who their first matches are going to be against. We're going to do some preparation for that and be ready for Saturday."

Ida Sue placed third in the eastern Washington girls' sub-regional tournament in East Wenatchee, winning three of her four matches. She will compete in the girls' regional tournament in Othello, which starts at 10 a.m.

2B District 6 Tournament

106: Jackon (LR) def. Soria (TON), 12-9; Thomas (TON) def. Jackson (LR), 6-3; 113: Wilson (TON) p. Armstrong (LR), 1:15; Bolich (TON) p. Thomas (LR), 5:59; Thomas (LR) p. Armstrong (LR), 1:55; 126: Moser (ORO) p. Schmidt (LR), 1:25; Circle (LR) def. DePaz (TON), 8-6; Field (ORO) p. Circle (LR), 3:00; Circle (LR) p. Schmidt (LR), 2:07; Circle (LR) def. DePaz (TON), 8-5; 132: Crowe (LR) p. Garcia (TON), :54; Crowe (LR) def. Bretz (TON), 7-2; Bretz (TON) p. Seylor (LR), 3:28; Seylor (LR) p. Garcia (TON), 1:40; 138: Horn (LR) p. Kuntz (TON), :32; Horn (LR) def. Sanabria (TON) 11-2; 152: Nichols (LR) p. Smith (PAT), 1:00; Nichols (LR) def. Baugher (ORO), 10-2; Baugher (ORO) p. Palmer (LR), 2:30; Palmer (LR) def. Smith (PAT),11-4; Wiles (LR) p. DeVon (ORO), 3:18; Wood (TON) p. Wiles (LR), 2:54; Brock (TON) p. Palmer (LR), :28; Wiles (LR) def. Palmer (LR), 15-2; Brock (TON) def. Wiles (LR), 2-0; Palmer (LR) def. DeVon (ORO); 170: Zabreznik (TON) p. Long (LR), 1:41; Long (LR) def. burnell (ORO), 6-4; Long (LR) def. Zabreznik (TON), 5-4; 182: Luevano (LR) p. Alatorre (TON), 5:55; Boyd (LR) def. Madrid (BREW), 8-5; Sasse (TON) p. Boyd (LR) 1:41; Sasse (TON) def. Luevano (LR), 4-0; Boyd (LR) p. Cervantes (ORO), 2:18; Alatorre (TON) p. Boyd (LR), 1:27; 195: Gomez (TON) p. Klingenberg (LR), 1:54; Gomez (TON) def. Flowers (LR), 10-2; 195: Johnson (LR) def. Jajara (TON), 7-3; Vargas (LR) p. Johnson (LR), 1:02; 285: Cervantes (ORO) p. Tynan (LR), :35; Saulque (LR) p. Cervantes (ORO) 1:10

Eastern Washington Girls Sub-Regional Tournament

Sue (LR) p. Nieto (OKAN), 1:36; Sue (LR) p. Scott (WVSK), 5:05; Workinger (QUIN) p. Sue (LR), 5:13; Sue (LR) p. Rodriguez (OTHE), 4:39; Sue (LR) p. Scott (WVSK), 4:33

LR's Tony Nichols gets a near-fall in Nichols' 10-2 major decision over Oroville's Seth Baugher in the match for first place at 152.


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