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11/6 - A man got a speeding ticket for going 60 miles per hour in the 35 mph zone on SR-155 near Western Ave.

- A Roosevelt Drive woman reported unknown people pounding on the side of her house. She didn’t see them, but heard them running away. She said this has happened in the past.

11/7 - A driver, pulled over near North Dam for having a defective license plate light, was cited for that and for driving without insurance.

- A red Kia was reported to have a loud exhaust while driving slowly down Dill Ave. The officer found the car parked at a Dill residence and contacted the owner, who said there was a hole in the exhaust tubing and he was trying to get it fixed. The officer told him to have a good night.

- A man, pulled over at the intersection of Federal and Midway for having a headlight out, was cited for driving with a suspended license.

- A man known to be wanted on a warrant was pulled over on Spokane Blvd., arrested, and transferred to another officer, who took him to Grant County Jail.

11/8 - A car parked on Roosevelt Drive was impounded for having expired tabs.

- A Batchelor Square man returned home to find several items missing, including a camera, fishing rods, an antique radio, and rolls of quarters. A homeless woman who had wanted to borrow a cup of sugar was the only suspicious person the man could think of. There were no signs of forced entry.

11/9 - An officer stood by while a woman retrieved her dog from her ex-boyfriend’s house in Electric City.

- A Seaton Street man reported that a suspicious person dressed in black, when confronted, had gone under his deck near his car before taking off on foot toward Martin Road.

11/10 - A tow notice was placed on a car on Burdin Blvd. The car is on city property and has an expired registration.

- A woman left her purse on her back porch and forgot about it. When she looked for it again, it was gone.

11/11 - A driver, pulled over near Coulee Playland, was cited with a DUI after his blood alcohol content tested at 0.179, over twice the legal limit.

- A suspicious man wearing camouflage was agitated in the Coulee Medical Center lobby and refusing to leave. Police recognized the man, who explained he was angry because the hospital sends mail to his house rather than to his post office box. The officer suggested the man take care of it during regular business hours, rather than 5:30 p.m. on a Sunday. The man agreed and left.

11/12 - A man known to be wanted on warrants was arrested on Grand Ave. without incident and taken to Grant County Jail.

Coulee Dam


11/5 - A Walnut Street woman reported a German shepherd running at large, getting into her garbage. An officer contacted the dog’s owner and told her she could be fined $300. The owner said the dog would be secured.

11/6 - A boy didn’t want to go home from school and was reportedly throwing things around. An officer was told the boy was on the playground, but was gone when the officer checked. The officer went to the child’s home to see if he had made it home. He had.

- A driver, pulled over near the bridge for crossing over the centerline, was cited with negligent driving and with driving while his license was suspended. The man passed the sobriety test given to him.

11/8 - A white pitbull was in a man’s yard on Camas, barking at him and approaching him. An officer filmed this happening briefly before yelling at the dog, which ran across the street where it lives, and into the back yard through an unsecured gate, which the officer closed. The owners weren’t home, but officers will follow up with the situation.

11/9 - An officer couldn’t find a burglar alarm going off nor anything suspicious at the National Park Service building, as he was told by dispatch.

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