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Last updated 6/6/2018 at 10:38am

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5/29 - “Scooby” is causing trouble for its owner on East Grand Coulee Avenue by barking. The white- and brown-spotted dog got the owner a citation for not being licensed and causing a disturbance by barking. It wasn’t the first time the dog has caused complaints for neighbors.

- Later, “Scooby” got in trouble again, this time at Coulee Playland, where it allegedly attacked a young Labrador-husky mix, injuring it in the jowls. The owner of the injured dog, from out of town, called police from Ephrata while on the way home to report the attack.

- A patient at Coulee Medical Center caused a disturbance over waiting to be seen and barged into the emergency room demanding to be seen. He was gone by the time police arrived.

- A tow truck took charge of a vehicle that was blocking an alley on Federal Avenue.

- A report of a possible durnken driver in Electric City was checked by police, but the officer couldn’t locate the suspicious vehicle.

- A Burdin Boulevard woman, who complained that she and her daughter had been cursed at and flipped off by neighbors, was advised to document incidents and possibly seek a harassment order from the courts.

- Police checked on a report of an assault at the Lakeview Terrace Trailer Park on a request from Lincoln County. The officer found that there had been an argument, but no assault.

5/30 - Police responded to a request from Lincoln County on a vehicle blocking private property on Aviator Lane North and found a couple parked there so they could “talk.” They were advised to move on.

- Police got keys that were dropped next to a vehicle at Pole Park back to the owner.

5/31 - A Safeway clerk asked that a person be banned from the store because a bag of ice had been taken without payment. The person showed a receipt, however, and Safeway backed off the request to have the person banned.

6/1 - A woman on Dill Avenue reported that she was taking pictures of activity at a neighbor’s house when a person from the house made what she thought was a threatening comment. Police advised her to write a report.

- Police stated that the ownership of a vehicle that was in dispute due to a pending divorce was a civil matter and needed to be settled between the parties.

6/2 - While on patrol on Alcan Road an officer noticed a Keller man known to be wanted on a warrant for his arrest. He was arrested and taken to Grant County jail.

- A woman was arrested for fourth-degree assault after being involved in a fight at Flo’s Cafe. The woman had been asked to take the argument outside when the incident occurred. While searching her purse, police found a smoking device with residue inside, which the woman said was meth. She was taken to Grant County jail, charged with assault and with being in possession of a controlled substance.

- A man on Roosevelt Drive told police that his niece had taken his vehicle without permission and he wanted to report it stolen.

- A Nespelem man was stopped near Pole Park because his vehicle didn’t have a rear license plate attached. The report stated that the license plate was seen inside the car, but the driver still faced a citation because his license had been suspended. A licensed driver took control of the vehicle.

6/3 - Two Grand Coulee residents in the Coulee Dam Casino wanted on arrest warrants were apprehended by Colville Tribal Police after an officer from Grand Coulee assisted by helping to identify them.

- An Electric City woman found a phone and turned it over to police, who contacted the owner.

- Police checked on an intrusion alarm at Les Schwab Tire Center only to find the store secure.

- Dispatch advised police that a bank card had been stolen. Police learned from tribal police that it had been given to the person’s son so he could withdraw money.

- Police investigated a report of a one-vehicle accident on Electric Boulevard in Electric City. The report stated that the vehicle had rolled into a tree. No vehicle was found.

- A woman wanted on a warrant for her arrest was detained and taken into custody at a service station in Coulee Dam. A Coulee Dam officer assisted in blocking the vehicle. The woman was taken to Grant County jail.

- A woman on Burdin Boulevard living in a duplex complained to police that there is an untoward number of people coming and going in the place next to her. The officer explained that people have a right to be on the sidewalk and street and she should take it up with the housing authority.

6/4 - Police put a 24-hour notice for removal on a vehicle registered in Idaho that didn’t have a license plate attached.

- Two dogs mauled a yellow cat on Lincoln Avenue in Electric City. One of the dogs, a pit bull named “Baby Girl” and a blue heeler, were running at large. The cat had injuries to its head and neck. Police are referring the report to the Electric City Council to determine if the two dogs should be declared “potentially dangerous.”

- A Brewster driver was cited for failing to stop at the Four Corners. An officer observed the car slowing slightly and then running the stop sign.

- A man on Roosevelt Drive reported to police that his vehicle had been prowled and that a pistol and a case containing several CDs taken.

- Police checked on a report that some people had parked their motorcycles at Pole Park, then crossed the highway and entered the Bureau of Reclamation fire hall construction site. An officer entered the site but workers said they didn’t see anyone who didn’t belong at the site. The officer checked Pole Park parking area, and there were no motorcycles parked there.

6/5 - Officers checked a report of a possible burglary at the Grand Coulee Trailer Park on SR-174. No one was seen in the area.

Coulee Dam


5/26 - A driver on SR-155 was stopped by an officer, who found that he had a suspended license and a warrant for his arrest. A licensed driver took charge of the vehicle. The driver was taken to Okanogan County jail on the warrant.

5/29 - A man on Central Drive told police that his daughter was receiving disturbing text and Facebook messages and thought they were threats. The officer went to the home of the party sending the messages and told the person to stop before it escalated. The person said she wanted to get some property back.

6/1 - Police stepped into a dispute on Sixth Street over a man accusing another of stealing his dog. The officer separated the parties and advised the man whose friend was being accused of the theft of the dog, to go home and sleep it off since it appeared he was intoxicated.


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