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Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

By Jesse Utz 

Taking him with you


This past weekend I found myself in many different situations as we packed in a lot of things over the few days we had off. On most Saturdays we go into Spokane and pray for those in need at the Healing Rooms, but this weekend we found those in need right here at home. Let me explain a bit more.

A lot of us go to church on Sunday and then on Monday we go back to our normal lives. We have all heard the message that we need to be the same person at church as we are the other six days of the week. I have found myself many times reverting back to that old person. That person I don’t like, the old me. Either in a conversation or a circumstance that makes us dredge up the ugliness or snag onto a past way of thinking or being. Sometimes it is hard to practice what you preach in all areas; we let our guards down, and the snake slithers back in.

God, the Creator or the Higher Power; whatever you personally call him, wants to be with us and for us to bring him everywhere we go. Whether it’s a relative’s house, a memorial service or an alpaca farm, we are to be ambassadors for his kingdom. So, in the rooms of healing this is what we try to do, and this weekend we ended up doing that everywhere we went. We did pray for people. Everywhere we went. For many different things. And none of it was instigated by us; it just happened.

Or did it?

I was reminded by at least one of the ladies with whom we spoke that my writings have rekindled a revival in her, and she sees things happening and that God is showing himself to not only her, but others too. That humbled me. Well, the whole day did. As we went, so did God, and he was showing up. Sometimes in the faces of others, sometimes in his creation and sometimes in the words spoken. Then we went to church on Sunday.

The message Sunday was about freedom. Freedom from the chains that have bound us up, altered our thoughts and held us down. Freedom from addictions, lies, and whatever else the enemy has tried to suppress us with. We are to leave those chains behind, ignore the rattling of the past behind us and look to the glory-filled path ahead. Be free, indeed. Walk the path laid out for us and be certain that we are not alone; we have a helper who is the one that set us free to begin with. He set us free so that he can be with us, and as we go, he goes. He prepares the way, is the way, and secures himself in our hearts to be shared with those he puts in our path.

This is not a column to boast about myself. It is a column to boast about him and a revival that is starting. A new wine that is being poured out for all of creation. We need to open up, lift our cups and drink freely from the master. A revival starts with you, and we need to forget the past, those old rattling chains dragging behind us, and free ourselves and cling to the truth that lives in each of us. Press forward, listen to the singing in your heart, and find the path again. Healing and miracles will follow, along with a great testimony of what he has done for you.

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