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By Jesse Utz 

Senior Profile: Alyssa Hobrecht-Flores


Sometimes life just happens. That was the summary of my sit-down chat with this powerful young lady getting ready to walk the stage and get her diploma at Lake Roosevelt. Alyssa Hobrecht-Flores is ready, and if her life to this point has taught her anything, it is that she can conquer it all. Here is a little bit more of my emotion-filled conversation that covered many areas with Ms. Hobrecht-Flores.

Senior years have a reputation of being stress filled and fast paced. So when I asked Alyssa how her year was going, her answer was a little different.

“Very smooth, very smooth,” she said, as a little grin came across her face. “It’s not what everyone makes it out to be; it is a whole lot easier than previous years have been.”

I asked if she could think of any reasons why this year was easier for her, and her response was immediate: “I have support, and I am being more responsible for myself, and only myself.” You see, Alyssa has conquered a lot already in such a short time.

We talked at great length about the things in her life that have been mountains to get over, and about some of those hills she is still climbing, but she knows she is almost there.

“I’m not good at patting myself on the back, but there are a lot of things I have overcome. The past couple of years have been rough, but here I am, ready to graduate,” Alyssa said with a very serious look on her face and some moisture in her eyes. We then started our discussion about the future and what it holds for her.

“I am going to go to school for nursing and return to the area with a degree,” she said. “I plan on working at Coulee Medical Center for a few years and then see where opportunities show themselves.”

I asked why CMC, and she answered without hesitation.

“CMC will give me a lot of different opportunities because it is a rural hospital,” she said. “I will also get a variety of experience with community members that I know and love.”

I know Alyssa has a heart for nursing; she has wanted to be a nurse for a long time and she did some job shadowing at CMC earlier in the year and loved the experience. She has worked so hard to get to where she is. But like most students, she did not get here without some help.

When I asked who has influenced her most here at Lake Roosevelt, she quickly answered, “Shelly,” and she could hold back the emotions no more. Shelly is Mrs. Black, and she has had a profound effect on Alyssa. “She is my role model; she is a strong woman and a strong person; she is hard working, but also shows you love and caring at the same time. She has always been there for anything I need.” Such a strong testament for the attendance lady at Lake Roosevelt.

We then moved on to her greatest influences outside of the Raider halls. She thought for a while and then answered with this: “I think myself … just knowing what I have overcome and looking back on it all, I can see where and how God has been working in my life the whole time, and that is something I never noticed before. He has been there and influencing me and working with me. I have come to realize that no matter what happens to me throughout the day that, it is well with my soul.” What a great statement for us all to let impact us and reflect upon.

I then asked if Alyssa had any advice for next year’s seniors. She thought long and hard before answering, perhaps reflecting on herself.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself,” she said, quickly adding, “Be kind to everyone, because you never know what people are dealing with at that moment.” WOW, what a great word of advice from a young lady who has been there, done that with so many circumstances.

Alyssa is one of those people who speaks her mind and gives you an opinion, but has a huge heart for understanding. She has influenced me so much over the years, and I am proud to just sit and talk with her for what little time I get with her. She will be a great nurse, a great community member. But most importantly she will be an asset wherever she decides to let her roots grow. Hopefully, that is in Coulee Country, but if it is not then we can be proud that we helped get her wherever she goes. Alyssa will always have a place in my heart and I am sure she has a spot in many of yours too.

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