Re: "Gun Culture is the problem" in Letters from Our Readers, March 7


1) It is incongruous that a semester of study in 8th grade on the Constitution would give anyone the knowledge and ability to make a learned opinion on the 1st and 2nd Amendments.

2) It is indeed chilling to hear a 9th grader claiming that when they are of voting age and in charge that they are going to “right the wrongs that past generations have made.” I recall such sentiments when I was young in the mid-sixties and that has not happened. We have only gotten worse.

3) The Bible is the only book that lays out God’s “plumb line” on the “cultural issues of the day” and it is the only book that provides the answer to these issues.

4) The Constitution, though not perfect (God’s word is perfect), lays out a government that took 13 disunited States under the Articles of Confederation into 13 United States and a republic. It is a good document that has addressed “wrongs” of the past. It is also a document that has been under attack by liberalism, atheism, communism and secular humanism. These “isms” have taken God’s “plumb line” out of it and replaced it with their own moral obliquity’s. We have seen much of that in the Supreme Court decisions lately. These and sin have much more to do with the cultural chaos we see today than an organization like the NRA or lobbyists in suits.

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John Overby


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