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2/6 - Police were told that a man left threatening messages on cardboard boxes and on a woman’s sanitary napkin after being unhappy with a car he purchased from residents. The residents were advised to get a court restraining order against the man.

2/7 - A person on Sunny Drive in Electric City told police that he thought someone had vandalized his newspaper box.

- An Electric City man was issued citations for having a faulty headlamp and for not having insurance after a patrol officer stopped him, when he noticed the headlamp not functioning.

- An officer assisted in Coulee Dam where an alarm had sounded at the National Park Service office. The office was secured and no one was found in the building.

2/8 - A Burdin Avenue parent was banned from the interior of school buildings after he interrupted a wrestling practice, yelling at the coaches that his son was being harassed.

2/9 - Two people in Electric City told police that someone had prowled their vehicles during the night. One caught a person inside his truck, who ran off when he yelled.

- An officer noticed a man driving who was wanted on a felony warrant and stopped him in the North Dam parking lot. He was cited for driving with a suspended license and for not having an ignition interlock device. Later, the officer learned that the man was also wanted on a warrant out of Okanogan County. He was taken to Grant County jail and cited for the offenses.

- A man was helped out of his truck after it turned over on SR-155. The fire department produced a ladder so the man could get down to the ground.

- Police checked on a minor two-vehicle accident near Trail West Motel. Damage was estimated at under $300.

2/12 - A woman reported suspicious activity at the old Center School. Police found a pickup parked behind the school, but no suspicious activity.

- Police were informed that it was thought that two men with backpacks were hanging around a vacant house on Partello Parkway. Police found one of them nearby, who told the officer that he just took a shortcut through the property in question. The officer went to the house and found the garage door ajar and the back door unlocked. The officer checked the house, found no one inside, and secured the door.

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2/4 - A woman requested that police contact a man on River Drive to advise him that a brother in Tennessee had been taken off life support. Officers tried to advise the man but no one answered the door. Later, an information card was left at the door.

2/6 - Police asked a resident parked illegally on Sixth Street to move his car to an appropriate parking space. The man did so.

2/7 - Police stopped an individual who was walking south on Central Drive because it was thought he was a person who had a felony warrant out for him. It was the wrong person.

- A person at Harvest Foods told police that a young boy had missed the bus and that his grandfather had been called but he was too sick to come to the boy’s aid. Police arranged to drive the boy to the Belvedere area, where tribal police met them and took the boy home.

2/8 - A man on Birch Street was advised to get a vehicle registration changed. He had purchased the vehicle 97 days before and still hadn’t transferred it to his name.

- Police checked on an activated alarm at the National Park Service office. There was no one inside the building, and a designated employee came and turned off the alarm.

- A person on Birch Street was advised to get legal plates and registration before he parked on city streets.

2/9 - A man was stopped for going 29 mph in a 20 mph zone, and the driver informed the officer that he had a suspended license. He was cited for driving with a suspended license and for not having an ignition interlock mechanism as required. He parked the vehicle and rode off with a friend.

2/10 - A man on Fir Street reported his son missing. Later, he called back and told police that his son was in Grant County custody.

2/12 - A driver was stopped for exceeding the speed limit, and the officer learned that she had a suspended license. She was cited, and a licensed driver took control of the vehicle.

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