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1/22 - A man was stopped by an officer, who noted his vehicle didn’t have rear lights on after dark. The officer learned the driver’s license was suspended. He was cited for that and told to park the vehicle until a licensed driver was found.

- Police officers assisted tribal police in the arrest of a man wanted on warrants. The officers noticed the man run into a house on River Drive and called for tribal officers to come to the location. Tribal officers got permission to enter the house and found the wanted man hiding in a bedroom.

- Police checked on the welfare of a woman on Civic Way and found that her cell phone was not working, but she was OK. The request had been made by her husband, who was in the hospital and unable to reach her.

- A Coulee Dam officer noticed three Grand Coulee patrol cars with a vehicle, and stopped to see if he could assist them. They had stopped a man wanted on an Okanogan County warrant. The Coulee Dam officer took the man to the top of Disautel Pass and was met by a county officer for transport to jail.

1/24 - An officer smoothed over a citizen dispute on Camas Street.

1/25 - A person on Central Drive accidentally locked the keys, and an infant, in the car. An emergency person heard the report, and came and opened the car with his lockout kit.

Grand Coulee Police

1/24 - USBR Plant Protection advised police of two people walking in the roadway on SR-155. An officer contacted and advised the pair to stay on the sidewalk.

1/25 - Police responded to a false alarm at North Cascades Bank. A teller had set off the alarm while putting in her cash box, the report stated.

- A woman on Weil Place was advised to get a court order to put a stop to a person driving past her place on a regular basis. She thought it was her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend that was doing the drive by.

- A woman from East Grand Coulee Avenue advised police that someone had taken the city’s fencing, used to block off streets.

- A Nespelem man was stopped when an officer noticed expired tabs on his vehicle. He told officers that he had been stopped and cited earlier in the day for a suspended license and that he was just trying to get home. A second officer identified a companion in the car as a person wanted on a warrant. That person was arrested and searched. The officer found a substance that field tested as heroin. The companion was taken to Grant County jail, and the driver cited for driving with a suspended license and for the tabs issue.

- Officers made a call on E Grand Coulee Avenue on a domestic violence report. A couple had had an argument outside, and someone called it in. Both people said the argument was only verbal.

1/26 - A Nespelem man was pulled over for not having his vehicle lights on after dark. After checking with the driver, the officer cited him for operating a vehicle when dark without vehicle lights on, failure to sign and carry registration on the vehicle, failing to renew registration for more than two months, and operating a vehicle without insurance.

1/27 - Dispatch advised police of a possible illegal entry on a home on Roosevelt Drive. The officer noted a door open at the house, made sure there was no one inside, and secured the building.

- Dispatch advised an officer that children were playing close to a cliff in Electric City. When the officer arrived, the children were being supervised by adults. The adults explained that they were “snipe hunting” with the children.

- A man on Roosevelt Drive was arrested on a domestic violence assault charge after he was cited for choking his wife.

1/29 - Police checked on a report of a domestic problem at an apartment on Hill Avenue. The officer found that the issue was a baby crying and a dog barking. When the mother took the baby for a drive, things quieted down.

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