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12/18 - A caller reported a man walking through yards and knocking on doors in the Delano area. He was elusive and not seen by police when an officer arrived.

- An officer responded to a report of an injured deer in a driveway on Partello Park. It was gone when police arrived.

- A Nespelem man was stopped for having auto tabs that had expired nine months earlier. The officer learned that the man had a suspended license and also a warrant for his arrest. A passenger also had a warrant for his arrest from the Department of Corrections for escaping from community custody. Both occupants were taken to Grant County jail by the Washington State Patrol.

12/19 - Police stopped a vehicle that Ephrata police advised had left a gas station without paying for the gas. The driver told police he didn’t have a license. He was cited, the three in the car were identified, and Ephrata police were advised of their identity.

- A man from Wetzel Street told police that when he went to put on new license tabs he noticed that someone had peeled off his old ones.

- A clerk at Coulee Gas was able to identify from a video the person responsible for stealing a cellphone off the counter. A distributor had put her cellphone on the counter while going outside for more product; when she returned, the phone was gone. The video showed an Elmer City man coming into the store, placing his gloves over the cellphone and leaving after paying $10 for gas.

- Court papers were served at a residence on Camas Street, where an angry man came out of the house and yelled at police until they left. The Grand Coulee officer provided backup for the Coulee Dam officer serving the papers.

12/21 - A woman on Weil Place told police that someone had entered her house through a window and taken some handmade items.

- Police checked on a report of a man smoking marijuana on Main Street. When confronted, the man showed he had been smoking a cigar.

12/22 - A man was stopped for expired tabs, and the officer learned he had a suspended license. He was cited and parked the vehicle.

- Police noticed that a passenger was wanted on an arrest warrant. The vehicle was stopped, and the woman passenger was taken to Grant County jail.

- A Pleasant Valley Road man was cited for failing to use his turn signals and for not having insurance after being stopped on Spokane Boulevard. The driver told the officer that his turn signals were not working.

- A woman at Trail West Motel told an officer that she must have dialled 911 by mistake after the officer went to the location to check on the call.

- The owner of a trailer in Electric City noted that she thought someone had opened a window in her trailer overnight.

12/24 - Police stopped a vehicle because the officer knew that the driver’s license had expired. He was cited for the infraction.

- An officer checked on an alarm at the Electric City arsenic treatment plant. The building was searched, but it was secure.

12/25 - It was reported that a man was looking into yards in the Palmer Avenue area in Electric City. Police talked to the man, who said he was following up on a tip that a person nearby needed firewood. The report said the man had done nothing wrong, and the officer went back on patrol.

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12/17 - A tribal officer advised that he had spotted a person driving erratically and requested a follow-up. The city officer found the vehicle parked near the Coulee Dam Casino, but it was unoccupied. He watched the vehicle throughout the shift but it wasn’t moved.

12/19 - An officer checked on a 911 call on Tulip Street, where a woman said she didn’t make the call.

- An officer delivered court papers to a person on Camas Street. The man there complained that the officer had damaged the door when he knocked. A backup officer stated that the officer serving the papers had knocked on the screen door, not the regular door.

- Police checked on a report that the Department of Licensing alarm was going off. When officers checked, all doors were locked and there was no alarm sounding.

- Police explained to a 6-year-old at an Aspen Street location that it wasn’t a good idea to dial 911 unless it was an emergency.

12/24 - A man on Fir Street complained that a loose dog had been defecating on his and his neighbor’s yard and that he had pictures and videos of the culprit dog. Police explained that they were aware of the loose dog problem and were working on it, and advised the man to contact animal control and hold on to the pictures.

- A man was stopped off River Drive after an officer noticed that the lights on the rear of his vehicle were out. The driver told the officer that he didn’t have a license. The officer noted a very young child in the back seat not restrained by a child seat. The driver was cited on the license problem and for not having the child in a car seat. A passenger with a valid license took charge of the vehicle.


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