Buses pass state inspection


School buses passed a surprise state inspection recently, school mechanic Levi Seylor advised the school board Monday night.

Normally, Seylor told the board, inspections are made in the summer months. This time the district buses got a surprise inspection and passed it with only some minor problems, Seylor stated in his report to the board.

The surprise inspection was of 25 percent of the district’s bus fleet. If a bus fails to pass inspection it is immediately taken out of commission.

Seylor went on to report that he has passed his G1 certification, which means he is now ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified.

Seylor, who replaced George Davis as bus mechanic after Davis retired last August, told board members they can have piece of mind knowing that local buses receive the highest care.

“I plan on continuing to educate myself, not only to stay on top of the best practices for my field, but to continue to grow as a mechanic and employee for the district,” Seylor stated.


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