Finally got turkey!


Sometimes Thanksgiving Day just does not go according to plans. But Sunday Night, when I was eating turkey, I realized it was very well worth the wait. I heard there were many who had Turkey Day debacles this year. A two-hour wait for a tow truck, followed by cheeseburgers for Thanksgiving for one family, and a halfway home, turn around and retrieve a purse situation for another, but the joy of family always shines through.

Sometimes things just get messed up. Like the flu hits your family, the bird is still frozen after thawing for four days, limited oven space, limited time and family just keeps showing up. It is at times like these that sometimes our greatest memories can develop. In an otherwise stressful situation, we must all just go with the flow, knowing full well the whole time that the only thing keeping that little red plunger from popping up from the side of the golden-brown goodness is the very thing that is ticking away. Time. And time means things happen.

While riding in the tow truck, pulling your van and precious cargo home. Yes, memories are made that will last for a long time. While deciding whether to go back over the pass and retrieve your valuable purse or not, memories are made. While waiting for that little red button to tell you it is time to eat, memories and laughs are had. That is all made possible because of a non-traditional tradition. A time to be thankful. A time to be with family.

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Family really is the point. Being together, laughing together and just plain enjoying each other’s little situations. Things like pickles, shopping and a turkey neck and giblets will never be looked upon the same way again. Mostly because a very special memory is now attached to that word for the rest of your life. Yes, the stories may fade but the love smothered in gravy will always be served right next to the sweet potatoes, homemade stuffing and a well cooked bird. Or a cheeseburger. The point is we must cherish the time we do have together. Make memories, even in the stressful times, because really it is a very short time we are together on earth. Laughter is almost always the best medicine for stress.

So, yes, I got turkey finally on Sunday night, but many many memories were made getting to that point. Just like you and yours, we are thankful to each and every one who pulled up a seat around the table, and that is a great memory.

Also congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Billups; in case you had not heard, the balloons were blue.


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