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10/30 - A police officer put out a smoldering fire near Electric Boulevard and Grand Avenue in Electric City after a city employee reported smoke. The officer found a shovel and hose near the smoldering fire and put it out.

- Police responded to a call on Bowen Street that two people were going through vehicles in the area. The officer found a pair who said they had permission to be there. Upon contacting the owner of the property, it was found that the pair indeed had permission to be in a vehicle there, but not the house.

- A woman on D Street told police that someone had broken windows in her vehicle and taken her stereo. She said she had just purchased the vehicle.

- A man was taken to Okanogan County jail after violating a no-contact court order regarding a woman who resides in an apartment on Crest in Electric City. The two had a daughter, and police encouraged them to get a parenting plan together from the courts.

- Police were notified of an undue amount of traffic at a residence on Dill Street, and that the caller and another person had a discussion about it. He said the man who resides at the house had threatened to burn his business down. Police had a discussion with the person making the alleged threat.

10/31 - A homeless person who was sleeping in her vehicle at a local business parking lot was told that she couldn’t remain there. When checking on her, the officer found that she had been reported as missing in Spokane. She was advised to contact one of the local churches, who might be able to help her return to Spokane.

- A woman from the Kelso Avenue area in Electric City reported what she considered child abuse. She said that she hears a 2-year-old child crying loudly and that the adults in the house are always yelling at the child. She said she had recorded the crying. Police listened to it and stated in the report that the information was being forwarded to Child Protective Services.

- Police checked on a report of dogs running loose on Washington Place in Electric City. The officer found the dogs running loose and encouraged one into his patrol car. After unsuccessfully trying to find out who owned the dogs, the officer took the dog to the local pound.

- Police were asked to check on the welfare of a man living in a tent on King Street. The officer checked at the tent, but the man was gone at the time.

11/1 - A man driving a vehicle with no plate on it was stopped at Prims Place and Federal Avenue, where the officer gave him a citation for having no registration in the vehicle, no insurance, and an open beer container in the vehicle.

- An employee at Safeway caused a disturbance after he reacted negatively to a job assignment. He yelled profanities and started throwing things, the report stated. Officials at the store asked that he be banned from the store for three months.

11/2 - A man at Batchelor Square reported that someone had stolen his car. It was unlocked and the keys were in it, he told police.

11/3 - A 23-year-old Grand Coulee man seen walking on SR-155 and known to be wanted on an arrest warrant was taken into custody. He was walking with a woman who had a no-contact order against him. He was cited for the violation and taken to Grant County jail.

- There was a report of a man looking in windows at the old middle school and then doing cartwheels on the athletic field.

- A man raised his voice because his son was always asking for money. Police responded to what was reported as a disturbance in the hospital parking lot. The man apologized for raising his voice.

- Police responded to a call of two dogs loose on East Grand Coulee Avenue. The officer saw the two dogs but could not catch them.

- A man at Continental Heights told police that he felt threatened by a man who had said he had a Ruger .45 with hollow-point bullets. Police tried to talk with the man who reportedly had the gun, but he wasn’t home. The officer suggested that the man who felt threatened get a restraining order.

- A Burdin Boulevard man was arrested and taken to Grant County jail after he was found with items taken from Coulee Playland shower area, a smoke pipe and a baggie with a clear, crystal-like substance. The man is being charged with third-degree theft, possession of methamphetamine and third-degree malicious mischief.

11/5 - An officer found a vehicle overturned near North Dam Park. The car was still running and no one was around the area. The vehicle was towed.

- Police responded to a call at Center Lodge Motel where a 7-year-old girl was getting into unlocked rooms and reportedly had a knife in her possession. The mother of the child was advised that the child is now banned from the motel property. Police stated that the mother said the pocket knife was a small one and that when she took the knife away, the child would find it again.

11/6 - An Ephrata man was stopped for expired tabs and found to have two warrants for his arrest. He was taken to Grant County jail. The woman passenger was the owner of the car and was permitted to take it over. The driver is being charged with not having an interlock installed, and driving with a suspended license.

- Police checked the doors of North Cascades Bank after an alarm sounded and found that the premises were secure.

- An argument over a $10 speaker brought police to an apartment on Federal Avenue. The owner of the speaker found it in the possession of another man. Part of the problem was that a woman was moving out of the apartment and was afraid to go back in and pack her belongings. Police refereed the problem and all the parties appeared ready to get along.

11/7 - A man on Dill Avenue said that someone had prowled his unlocked Cadillac and taken some change.

- A woman on Wetzel Street stated that during the night someone had entered her vehicle and taken a few dollars in change. She said that items were tossed about. She didn’t think the vehicle had been locked.

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