School district asked about old trophies


What should be done with old trophies?

That question regarding old Mason City High School trophies was brought to the Grand Coulee Dam School District board by Electric City resident Birdie Hensley Monday night. She explained in a letter that many of the older trophies are stored in the basement of Coulee Dam Town Hall and in other places around the community.

Hensley proposed that the tabs on the trophies be taken and mounted on a board so that they could be preserved. The old trophies would go where all old trophies end up — in a discard pile.

Board Director Ken Stanger said that many of the old trophies have special meaning to those who worked hard to win them. He proposed that something be set up so that old trophies would get a more detailed look before they were torn apart or discarded.

The district has trophies from the old Grand Coulee School District, the Coulee Dam School District and now the combined Grand Coulee Dam School District.

District officials are still trying to determine how the trophies will be handled and displayed.

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