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5/22 - A woman called police to report that someone had broken into her apartment, taking nothing, but leaving a meth pipe behind. An officer collected the pipe for destruction.

5/23 - An officer assisted a suicidal woman on Spring Canyon Road until a Lincoln County sheriff’s deputy arrived to take charge. The woman was taken to Davenport.

- A Toppenish man was arrested and taken to Grant County jail on a warrant after police pulled him over for failing to stop at an intersection. He was also cited for driving with a suspended license, and for having no registration nor proof of insurance in his vehicle.

- A man walking on Spokane Boulevard was arrested on a warrant regarding burglary and dealing with stolen articles. He told police that he didn’t have an address and that he was “couch surfing.” He was taken to Grant County jail.

- A woman on Goodfellow Avenue in Electric City told police that she was suspicious of a vehicle that had driven by her place a number of times. Police checked the area.

5/26 - Police were called to the Eagles Lodge where an intoxicated man was yelling and causing concern that he might do something rash. Police found that the man had a loaded gun in his vehicle and took it for safekeeping. Eventually, the man’s wife came to take him home.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police of a truck in the Visitor Center parking lot after hours. The man, when asked to, left the area.

5/27 - An Alcan Road resident known to have a suspended license was seen driving and was stopped. He was issued a citation for driving with a suspended license, and for having no insurance nor registration in the vehicle. He was told not to drive.

- A Sunny Drive girl, 7, was found at Coulee Playland. She told officers that she was there with her older sister, but the sister had left. The officer took her home and the father wasn’t aware that the two had separated. The report is being sent to Child Protective Services.

- An officer responded to a medical call near SR-174 and found that a woman had fallen and hit her eye. She refused service from an ambulance crew.

- Security at Sunbanks Lake Resort reported to police that a drunken man was causing trouble at the Cantina. When the officer arrived, the man’s wife stated that he was in the camper and had passed out so there was no cause for alarm.

5/28 - Police checked on a reported disturbance at the Electric City Bar and Grill. All ended well when the party causing the disturbance was told he could return inside if he was quiet.

- A man on West Grand in Electric City told officers that he wasn’t causing a disturbance, that he was just outside looking at the sky. He was told, nevertheless, to keep quiet.

- The owner of a vehicle was advised not to allow a man to drive it since his license was suspended. He was cited for driving with a suspended license.

- Police smoothed out an ongoing argument between two homeowners in Electric City. One was advised to go to court and obtain an anti-harassment order.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police that someone was carrying a pistol at the parking lot below the Visitor Center. The officer located the man, who was told not to do that again.

- A woman on Burdin Boulevard told police that she saw a black bear in her neighborhood. The officer looked for the bear but couldn’t locate it.

5/29 - A Fruitland driver was stopped for going 47 mph in a 30 mph zone and told officers that he had two DUIs and therefore no driver license. He was cited, and since he couldn’t find a licensed driver to take charge of the vehicle, it was parked legally on the street as the man left on foot.

Coulee Dam


5/22 - A dog that attacked and bit his Fir Street owner on the forearm was put down since the owner told police he didn’t have resources to cage the animal. The dog had attacked and would not release another dog after the two had been fighting. The man went to Coulee Medical Center for treatment of the bite wound.

5/23 - An officer could find no evidence of dog droppings or trash scattered in the yard when he responded to a call on Holly Street. Apparently the two neighbors didn’t get along.

- A woman on Camas Street was advised to keep her two dogs inside. There had been a report that they had killed chickens.

- A man who buzzed by a police officer’s car on SR-155 ended up with a ticket for not having insurance.

5/25 - An officer said it was OK for two women to clean out a motorhome parked in the alley on 6th Street.

- An officer stopped a vehicle on River Drive for a faulty headlamp. The officer found that the driver’s license had been suspended and advised him that he would receive a ticket in the mail. The driver parked and locked the vehicle and, with a passenger, walked away.

5/26 - A woman, stopped in downtown Grand Coulee after failing to yield to oncoming traffic, was cited for not having insurance.

- A woman on Mead Way gave police a weed eater she had found in the bushes. It was put in the property room until the owner could be found.

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