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10/24 - Two 14-year-old boys were advised that it wasn’t a good idea to carry toy rifles and pistols near the hospital and in the city. Officers explained their toys looked like real guns. The pair were advised to play with the guns at home.

- Police had a report of a bicycle stolen while a boy was shopping at H&H Grocery. Later in the day police located the bicycle on Fifth Street in Electric City. It had been spray painted. The bike was returned to its owner.

- Police went to Burdin Boulevard to locate a shirtless man reported as yelling at the top of his voice and hitting cars. The officer couldn’t locate the man.

- A person on Stevens Avenue in Electric City told police that she heard a loud bang and discovered that someone had thrown a rock through the window of her car. Her husband told police that he had seen a man staggering around in the neighborhood. Police looked for the man but couldn’t locate him.

- A house on Stevens Avenue in Electric City had been entered by prying open the back door. The owner of the house couldn’t immediately determine if anything was missing.

- A man with a warrant for his arrest was found in a car on Goodfellow Avenue in Electric City and taken to Grant County jail.

- A man on Goodfellow Avenue in Electric City told police that someone had smashed the window in his car with a cinder block.

- Police assisted in CPR for a woman who was unconscious and unresponsive. The woman was later taken by helicopter to Spokane.

10/25 - It was reported that a woman on Burdin Boulevard was blowing leaves out on the street with a blower. Police checked and found that the woman was blowing leaves to a fence on the back of her property.

- Police checked on a report of a rifle shot by a man carrying a gun at Main and Federal Avenue. Police learned that a truck had backfired.

- Police were advised that someone had attempted to take gas from The Star newspaper truck.

10/27 - A woman told police that her truck had been stolen from Bowen Street. She told police that she had seen a man near her truck but didn’t know if he was the person who stole it.

- Police responded to a report of a burglary at an apartment on Hill Avenue. Police found muddy footprints at both front and back doors, but no one inside the apartment.

- A man was reported as running down Ludolph Road with a heavy jacket and snow boots.

- A Nespelem woman who allegedly stole a bottle of Fireball Whiskey from Safeway was permanently banned from all Safeway stores. There were two warrants for her arrest, including one for allegedly taking liquor from the local Safeway store. She was arrested and taken to Grant County jail.

10/28 - USBR Plant Protection advised police that there was a suspicious vehicle near the Crescent Bay boat launch. When asked what was suspicious about it, police were told that it had driven up and down the hill three times. When confronted, the driver stated they were checking out camping.

- Police found a stolen vehicle on Hill Avenue, and the owner recovered his vehicle. It wasn’t known who took it.

- While at a structure fire on Stevens Avenue in Electric City, police saw a woman wanted on an arrest and took her to Grant County jail.

- Safeway officials told police that a woman had filled her grocery cart full of groceries and then left the store without paying for them. The store official identified her and the identity was confirmed by police who have had previous contact with the woman.

- A woman on Bowen Street told police that a juvenile had stolen her vehicle again and this time wanted him arrested.

- A man who has been banned from Safeway was caught on video taking two bottles of whiskey and leaving the store without paying for them.

10/29 - A resident on Sunny Drive in Electric City told police that someone had taken yard tools at his residence.

10/30 - A man who was staying in his motorhome overnight in the alley behind Main Street was advised by police to move on.

- A woman on Roosevelt Drive told police that she thought someone had stolen her dog. Later the dog returned home.

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10/17 - A resident on Cedar Street is being investigated for installing a stolen meter after power and lights had been shut off for lack of payment. The meter, according to Grant County PUD, had been stolen from a residence in Grand Coulee in 2015. Town officials had Nespelem Valley Electric come and remove the meter. Town officials are asking the Okanogan County prosecuting attorney for charges of defrauding a public utility and possession of stolen property.

10/20 - Lake Roosevelt High School reported to police that the school gym had been tagged with the letters of a gang, “NGB,” and also had a broken window and kicked-in door.

10/21 - A teacher driving by Crest Drive reported seeing two women fighting and telling them to stop. The two stopped and no charges were filed. The fight was over a boyfriend.

- A man on Walnut Street advised police that during the night someone had prowled his vehicle. He said when he went to get in the truck the contents of his glove compartment were scattered about. The prowler got access to his checkbook and some credit cards, which he canceled.

10/22 - A driver stopped for faulty lights was found to be driving with a suspended license and was cited.

10/25 - A student at Lake Roosevelt High School was found to have marijuana and a smoking pipe in a backpack in his locker. The articles were taken by police.

10/26 - A 14-year-old student at Lake Roosevelt High School was arrested for possession of marijuana.

10/26 - A man on Columbia Avenue told police that his house and garage had been entered and that a compressor and two laptop computers were missing. He estimated the loss at about $800. Later, after he had asked his girlfriend to move out, he said that she started to ruin property, including a TV and other equipment, throwing articles at him. He stated that she had tossed as knife at him.

- A woman on Columbia Avenue who was playing music too loud, police learned had a suspended license.

10/27 - A dog on Stevens Avenue was muzzled because it had been barking.

10/28 - Police were called to assist a person to get into her house on Camas Street. It was explained that a person inside the house couldn’t get to the door because her power lift chair was not functioning. By the time police arrived, the party got inside the house when the chair started working again.

10/29 - A man on Civic Way reported that someone had taken two chainsaws from his garage.

- Police served a restraining order on a party living at Central Drive.

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