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9/29 - Owners of dogs at a Hill Avenue location, including a man who shot a dog with an airsoft gun to scare it away since his dog was in heat, were advised by an officer that if they didn’t get licenses for the animals within a week they would all be cited. The dog that was shot did not suffer an injury, according to the report.

- Safeway advised police that a woman had entered the store, gone to the alcohol aisle, placed a bottle in her purse, then left the store without paying for it. Store officials got the auto license of the thief.

- A Keller man is being cited for driving with a suspended license and outdated tabs and for having no insurance. He was stopped in Electric City after an officer noticed the tabs had been scratched off his license plate.

9/30 - A hospital employee asked that a man be banned from the facility after he kept asking for hospital records. He later entered Safeway and was going around recording things on his laptop.

- Lincoln County sheriff’s deputies confiscated a vehicle on Burdin Boulevard because it had been used in their jurisdiction in a felony incident.

- A woman on Goodfellow Avenue in Electric City told police that her pickup had been stolen. Police found the vehicle in Delano and took charge of it. The woman told police who had taken the vehicle and wanted to press charges. The report was sent to the prosecutor’s office for possible charging.

- Police were advised that some people were crouched down beside the road on B Street. The officer found two boys trying to fix a bike. The officer gave the two a ride to Electric City.

10/1 - Police responded to a call that there was a fight at a bar on Main Street and that one of the men had a knife. Police found no fight, and no knife.

- An officer checked on a vehicle parked above the dam that had its hood up. The vehicle had overheated and the driver was waiting for it to cool down.

- A clerk at the Skydeck Motel reported that during the night someone had taken over $1,000. She reported that two people were seen on security tape being in the motel after hours. She said a copy of the security tape would be provided.

- A Grand Coulee man told police that he had backed into a Cadillac while leaving Safeway’s parking lot. The two drivers exchanged insurance information.

- Police noticed a vehicle with a person in it who was wanted on a warrant. The vehicle was stopped and the man arrested and taken to Grant County jail.

10/2 - A man on Kelso in Electric City told police that someone had taken the keys to his vehicle a couple of days earlier, and he was worried that they would return and prowl his car. He asked for extra patrols in the area.

- A Brewster driver was cited for going 49 mph in a 35 mph zone.

- An Almira woman was cited after being stopped for a faulty headlamp, for driving without a license, failing to yield, and having no insurance.

- An Electric City resident was told he could no longer ride his dirt bike at Sunbanks Lake Resort. He stated he wouldn’t do it again.

- A Grand Coulee man who had been drinking was banned from the King’s Court RV Park when he was found with a power box open and he refused to leave the area.

10/3 - An Omak woman was arrested on a Department of Corrections warrant for driving with her license suspended and being in possession of a stolen vehicle. She was taken to Grant County jail.

- Police checked on a domestic violence report on E Street and found that it was only a verbal exchange.

- Police went to a residence on Snyder Hill Road to check on a report of an injured owl. The owl had apparently flown into a window and injured itself, but when the officer approached the bird it flew away.

10/4 - A disabled vehicle with a flat tire was rescued by a police officer who changed the tire for the driver because the driver didn’t have a tool to change it.

- Police checked on a domestic violence incident on Main Street. After talking with the police officer, the two calmed down.

- A person known to have a Department of Corrections warrant out for her was seen in the Safeway parking lot, arrested, and taken to Grant County jail.

10/5 - A man who had run out of gas on Sunny Drive in Electric City told police that his mother was bringing fuel. He was told to move his vehicle as soon as possible.

- Storage units on Hill Avenue were broken into. Missing were tools, a weed eater, a paint sprayer and some chemicals.

10/6 - USBR Plant Protection advised police that a person was in the Visitor Center parking lot after hours. A man there told police he was getting information on tours. When he got the information, he left.

Coulee Dam


9/25 - Police checked on a possible domestic violence issue on Holly Street but couldn’t get anyone to answer the door. A neighbor told police that a man and a woman had been yelling at each other at the address.

9/27 - A man who wanted to go to Keller was referred to the hospital by a niece, who stated that the place he wanted to go to in Keller was a place where he had been beaten earlier. The hospital staff stated that they couldn’t do anything for him, so the niece reserved a motel room for her uncle for a couple of nights until she could find a place for him to stay.

- A vacant house on Central Drive had been entered and had a mattress and other material inside. The report stated that the door had been jimmied. The house belongs to a woman in the Nespelem Convalescent Center.

9/28 - A man reported that someone had taken about $20 worth of gas from his vehicle on Grant Avenue.

10/3 - An intrusion alarm was set off at the police department. It was a false alarm.

- A man on Holly Street was advised that his barking dog was annoying his neighbors. He told the officer that he would keep his dog inside so it wouldn’t bark.

- Police checked on a running vehicle that was unoccupied near the bus garage. The officer found that the driver had just returned from a volleyball engagement.

10/5 - Police had a report that a man intended to jump from the bridge. Police found a man under the bridge drinking a beer and thinking it over. The man was taken to Coulee Medical Center for evaluation.

10/6 - A man reported that a person dressed in black and with a hood on was seen looking into his property. Later the person was seen lying on the ground near a car. He was gone when police arrived.

10/7 - Police went to Lake Roosevelt Schools because of a disturbance. The person causing the problem was gone when police arrived.

10/8 - Child Protective Services officials arrived to take a child from parents on Birch Street, but the parties living there did not respond when police and the CPS officials knocked on the door.

- Police responded to a call about someone throwing rocks onto the driveway of a house on Tilmus. When the party that had lived there was found they said that the person on Tilmus had thrown the rocks onto their property.

10/9 - Vehicle prowls were reported on Birch Street and on Fir Street.


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