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Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

By Jesse Utz 

9/11 Do Not Forget

Jess Shut Up


I was getting up to go to work, headed to the shower and decided to click on the TV. What I saw happening in New York City would change not only me but an entire nation. I watched as terrorists took down planes on American soil. This event kept the world captivated for weeks and truths came out slowly. We learned of heroes. We counted the lost. We lit candles and waged a war against this ever happening again.

Here we are 15 years later. Memorials are erected all over the country, some with actual pieces of the Twin Towers embedded in their local community. The war on terror wages on and it has happened again on American soil. It has happened again and again around the globe, and it seems we are no closer today to ending terrorism than when we began the quest to eliminate these senseless attacks.

I spoke at a memorial here at North Dam Park not long after the hundreds lost their lives in New York. I mentioned that this was our generation’s Pearl Harbor. I still feel that way, but I also feel like we have forgotten something along the way. We have almost accepted as a nation that this is normal. We see politicians using terrorism as a platform to win votes when it should not be a side show for your attention, but we should already be seeking out these haters of America, Christianity and freedom and putting peace in its rightful place in the world. Living in fear is not something in the Constitution with which this country was established. America is supposed to be the leader of the world in fair trade, peace keeping and integrity. When did that change? Sometimes I think political correctness has weakened the fabric of the flag that holds the stars on the blue, loosened the stripes running red and white, and faded what our freedom really stands for.

I will not forget. I went to a yard sale recently and saw an American flag for sale. This flag was special. It was a 9-11 commemorative flag and had the Twin Towers on it. It also had the words “Never Forget”. The pole has a gold eagle at the top that reminded me of my grandfathers, both veterans. The price of this flag was reasonable and has flown outside my house ever since. But the price for what this symbol represents was anything but a small price. Blood was shed for this flag and everything it stands for. Not just on a date in September, but on many dates spanning many generations. “All gave some, some gave all,” as the Billy Ray Cyrus song says.

Every day we must remember our military past and present for their sacrifices. We must also remember the police and firefighters who died running into the falling towers, and also the ones who continue to do that today. We must also remember the EMTs who take care of the wounded and sick yesterday, today and tomorrow. We must not forget the families of all these heroes too; they also have sacrificed greatly, along with their heroes. Today, tomorrow and forever we must remember and forge ahead. We must make the world a fearless place where terrorism cannot reign. I will end this column with another quote from a song written by Lee Greenwood: “God Bless America, land that I love….”

If you see a veteran, EMT, firefighter or cop, thank them for their service. Tomorrow it could be you they come to help.

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