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B Street not the cause of today's problems

Letter to the Editor


Jess, I have read some strange comments from you, but this one takes the cake and demands a reply. Are you and the other people serious about thinking “B Street” has been the reason for the crime and degradation in our area, a cloud over the town?

“B Street” was just a street like any other street in town. My mother and grandmother both worked on B Street during the 30s. My grandmother made pies and potato salad by the tubs at a bakery, and my mother washed clothes six days a week at the local laundry while my dad and grandfather worked at the dam.

Does the fact that they worked on B Street mean I tend to lie, cheat, rob, steal, and do drugs? Certainly not! They worked there as good, hard-working women, and I have never felt the need to be corrupt. In fact, I feel that my family, friends, and acquaintances in the area are mostly law-abiding people.

The choice of our lifestyle is ours, not the influence of a street that catered to hard-working construction workers who had no place to go. The morals of our community reflect the morals of our nation, and I am positive that B Street has absolutely no influence over the rest of the country.

Diane Canady

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