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By Lou Stone 

CBC failure part of deep deception

Letter to the Editor


Last updated 7/6/2016 at 11:05am

“As The Stomach Turns” is possibly how many of us Tribal Members felt, who read the Bill Of Impeachment content against former Colville Tribal Court Chief Judge Scot Stuart in November 2015. While we read it with interest, many of us rolled our eyes with the anticipation of another routine Clowncil effort in FAIL.

Sure enough, we could see right away, the Clowncil would avoid its duty to lawfully impeach under the weight of the most numerous, immorally disgusting, and egregious of offenses as outlined in the Bill of Impeachment. The usual suspects on the Clowncil obstructed two votes to impeach by literally hiding out from the votes, causing a lack of quorums required for such a vote. Mess, Joe, Jack, Bessie, and Billy, it was reported, participated in such ways to assure the lawful impeachment would fail.

The Clowncil failure here is then reported in The Star June 1, 2016 edition titled “Colville Tribes’ chief judge resigns amid controversy.” This report included the same malfeasance and misfeasance of the governing body members by this quote:

“(The CBC) considered a lot of different options regarding how to proceed. Ultimately, it was decided that the most efficient and prudent use of the Tribes’ time and money was to accept the resignation, move forward, and facilitate the full functioning of our Tribal Court system with as little interruption as possible. We feel good about our processes and how things ultimately worked out…”

So the Colville Tribal Appellate Court interpreted the Bill of Impeachment correctly: Depiction of chief judge violations of Colville Tribal Court Conduct and general, overall disrespect for the Colville Tribal Law and Order Code by a standing chief judge. Members of the Clowncil who actually “got it right” witnessed chief judge apologists seek to kick the can down the road to allow the former judge to resign rather that feel the legal impact of tribal law for such egregious misconduct.

No punishments for the sexual-assaulting Indian children and terrorism of Indian families by Catholic Priests over tribes, and world-wide in general, is well documented. This offender, by resignation, may move on to other venues to abuse without penalty or loss of attorney licensure.

In the meantime, the Colville Tribal Court employees had to be subjected to the humiliating disrespect of the court by their own Clowncil, which forced the employees to swim in the toxic shame, all because Mess and his pals had their “untouchable” empire of insulation from the deserved wrath from The Colville Tribal Membership.

Like the quote from the June 1 report says, “…it looks like we got a result that will work for the Tribes.” But “what it looked like” did not reveal the reality of deep levels of deception, and failures to professionally govern, by this Clowncil.

What do you expect?

Censorship works! The Clowncil enforces the censorship of our own Tribal Tribune publication. The voices of The Peoples are chocked out.

A Failed Clowncil Ethics Code works! The failure of self-policing continues under this Clowncil, whose majority rejects professional rules of conduct. This is obvious to most of us that “no rules” rule for these Clowns. Yet, when the Clowncil does use the ethics code, it is for a punishment against another because the other evidently had some disagreement with the person who filed the complaint. The “complaint” is therefore false, but the Mess continues. Worse is when major ethics violations in grift occur, a Mess of a faction protects such offenders by declaring the complaint “frivolous.”

These two kinds Colville Tribal Council of systems failures are not accidental. This is what the Mess works toward.

Lou Stone


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