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Dog declared dangerous in city


A pit bull that attacked and bit an Electric City woman who was walking her dog has been declared “dangerous” by the Grand Coulee City Council.

The dog, named Rocky, described as “huge” by the victim, was finally subdued by police and quarantined for 10 days on a rabies check.

The victim, Angie M. Nomee, 49, told police she was walking her dog on Center Street when Rocky came out and attacked her dog, an Australian shepherd, and then attacked her when she tried to help her dog.

She was bitten on both arms and hands.

Nomee’s dog, Ginger, needed several stitches to close the wound suffered in the attack.

The big dog knocked Nomee to the ground and it wasn’t until an officer arrived that the dog was taken off her.

The dog is owned by Ayleana Caldwell.

The council report stated: On March 14, a brindle, female pit bull known as “Rocky” owned by Ayleana Caldwell, residing at 106 Hill Avenue, Apt. E, did, without provocation, attack and inflicted bites on a human named Angela T. Nomee, and a tri-colored Australian shepherd dog.

Accordingly, the report added, there is sufficient grounds to believe the dog has a propensity, tendency or disposition to attack unprovoked.

The consequences, according to the city’s ordinance, are quite severe.

A “potentially dangerous” dog must be in an enclosure secure from all sides and on top, with a warning posted in large letters that a child could recognize as a warning.

The dog must have a muzzle on, with a secure leash, and be in the hands of a responsible person when outside and not penned.

The dog must be registered at a cost of $250, with an annual renewal of $200, and the owner must take out a $50,000 surety bond, and an insurance policy of $50,000.

The owner of a dangerous dog is liable for any injuries or damage to property, according to the ordinance.

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