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Kids' thoughts on school uniforms presented


Carrie Derr’s sixth grade class let the school board know how they felt about school uniforms Monday night.

The school board has discussed pursuing school uniforms for next fall to begin the 2016-17 school year.

A special committee will be formed to work on the project. Earlier this year, administrators reported to the board that an unofficial poll of teachers indicated the majority were in favor of the idea.

The school uniform plan, if initiated, would involve all grades and even the staff, according to preliminary comments made at board meetings this year.

The sixth graders’ letters were part of a class project so students could learn how to write a formal letter, as well as develop an argument with relevant evidence.

Here are some of the ideas in the letters:

• We should not have school uniforms because they cost too much…and they don’t express who you really are. Nobody likes to wear the same thing over and over again. It will waste all of your detergent.

• You wouldn’t be able to show off your personality and you would have to wash it every day and that would be hard on your washing machine. What if you had 8 kids and uniforms would likely cost $50.

• I think we should have uniforms, it would make a better school, and the school would be more efficient, plus it would be less expensive.

• A lot of kids I know don’t want to have uniforms because we would all look alike. This is the weirdest idea this school has ever made.

• No one sells uniforms here and people can’t afford uniforms because they are busy paying bills, taxes and buying food for the family. So I rest my case on how uniforms in this school would not be…good.

• Uniforms are hard to get: they would take away our choice…now let’s get down to the real stuff, they would be a hassle.

• We shouldn’t have uniforms because it would be a hassle to wash every night, take away choice, and be too expensive.

• Uniforms would take away our personality. We would never get to wear the clothes we want to wear. Our parents would have to spend money for gas to go get the uniforms. If you are reading this letter then pay attention to me.

• Would you wear the same thing for six hours a day, five days a week, four weeks a month and nine months a year?

• How would you feel if they made you wear uniforms? Why should we have to spend our money on stuff that we don’t want.

• I think we should have school uniforms because it would reduce gang-related activities. With uniforms there would be no inappropriate clothing at school.

• We should wear what we want to wear. I don’t want to dress like everybody else; I want to be myself.

• We, the students, have the right to vote. Let K-12 students vote on the matter.

• I am not in favor of uniforms. You would have to wash them every night and that would use water.

• Kids might not like school uniforms and refuse to come to school. That would cost the school money it gets from the state.

• Uniforms would be good. Who knows what evil scheme a kid will come up with looking at a shirt.

• I think we should have uniforms and it would eliminate bad sayings on shirts. Kids that wear uniforms think of learning and paying attention.

There you have it, shortened comments from the kids themselves about school uniforms.

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