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Don't push Japan to re-arm

Letter to the Editor


Last updated 7/22/2015 at 11:06am

U.S. Army General Douglas MacArthur’s finest hour may not have been any sort of combat-related command decision on his part, but his role in assisting in the rise of a hugely prosperous and a decidedly peace-loving Japan after World War II.

Japan’s so-called “Pacifist Constitution,” which was enacted at MacArthur’s express urging and which “forever” enjoined Tokyo from returning to militarist ways, is widely credited with laying the groundwork for today’s Japan of high-tech exports and mammoth financial prowess. Now, as diligent followers of our international news stream are well aware, America is pushing the Japanese to scrap their beloved constitution, and “re-arm.”

One has every right to be suspicious of the declared motives of both Washington, D.C., and Tokyo, as they jointly pursue the cause of Japanese “re-militarization.” The Peoples Republic of China and the Democratic Republic of (North) Korea, we’re told, are both out to upset the applecart on Asia-Pacific prosperity and stability. This being so, the Americans want their Liberal Democratic Party surrogates and bosom pals in Tokyo to assume at least some of the military burden of fending off the “Reds.” Much public relations effort as therefore being devoted to the cause of showing China and North Korea in the most dangerous possible light.

We must beware of the effort to “re-militarize” and “re-arm” the Japanese Archipelago. Its most ardent proponents in Tokyo are precisely those forces who refuse to own up to Japan’s World War II crimes.

Foolish and dangerous it would surely be to empower the very worst elements of Japanese society.

Frank W. Goheen

Camas, Washington


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