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Why is the answer to change always no?

Letter to the Editor


Why is it every time someone tries to bring something new into one of our little towns it is met with so much opposition? Are we as a “whole” community simply opposed to growth? Have we become so suppressed with our decision-making skills that we lack that of common sense? I fail to understand why so many people oppose any change or growth in our community. However, I fully understand that it’s those same people, yes some of you whose names have been in the paper, who complain that there is no growth or change in our towns.

The most definite answer any of our towns can come up with is, No. No growth, no change, no development, no community.

How many times have you read in the Coulee Cops about a student at Lake Roosevelt possessing pot? Because I’ve read it several times. As a matter of fact, it almost seems as if THAT is more prominent in our police reports than adults possessing said drug. Do you think allowing a legal establishment to sell marijuana is going to increase the sales to our younger community members? If I read correctly on the law I proudly voted yes for, it states that you must be 21 years or older to possess and use marijuana legally in the state of Washington. It’s funny how the young adults at our high school are still in possession of it. I mean, after all, we’re too down home and wholesome to offer such products to anyone who is not of age. I wonder where they could be getting a hold of it…

Or, is it that you’re afraid you’re going to find out, or rather some community members are going to find out, who smokes marijuana? I am almost willing to bet my last dollar that that is the real reason behind all of the opposition. God forbid someone finds out that someone they know smokes pot. It doesn’t seem to bother anyone when we discover who the drinkers are, or the cigarette smokers. Again, all legal drugs.

If my feeble little brain serves me well, you can now walk into the hardware store and buy that legal drug alcohol. There are not many places that don’t offer it. I can get it at the gas stations, mom and pop grocery stores, big grocery stores, Wal-Mart, of all places, and those same places sell cigarettes. All with the understanding that it is not to be sold to anyone under the ages of 18 and 21. Yet, those who are not of those ages still manage to get cigarettes and alcohol. Oh my god! How is that happening?!

Stop opposing change! If you want a cause to fight for, there are plenty out there. As Scott mentioned, our little town seems to have quite the drug problem, and it’s not pot. Please remove the sticks from whatever orifice they may be in, and watch how change isn’t always as bad as you think.

Jamie Holeman

Electric City

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