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Cooperation springs anew in the coulee

Letter to the Editor


Just in the last few weeks I have noticed signs of spring in the Coulee. There are new birds at my feeder; the quail are marking out there territory as they call in the morning. The forsythia is in bloom, and my daffodils are getting prettier every day. But it is not just natural signs that I think are heralding spring. It appears to me that there is a new spirit among the people of the coulee that speaks of a new willingness to cooperate to work our way through a wide range of common problems.

Let me cite some examples. Look at the great response to our EMT difficulties. We have instructors who are working overtime to help new students on their way to certification. We have students who are traveling long distances to take advantage of the program being offered. We have had private contributions to both the EMT program and to the Coulee Dam Firefighters to be used as needed.

We have had those same firefighters putting in their own time to help us reach higher standards. We have had a fire chief take the lead in helping determine a list of priorities — things that needed to be done, and soon, and those things that can wait.

We have had city councilmen listen to their constituents and bring up matters at council meetings that concern many of us. They have spent hours learning to add a budget and reshape it to meet the wishes of the community.

We have had a mayor working tirelessly to make progress on our wastewater treatment plant. Now it appears that we are ready to take the next step in the process.

All these speak to me of a new willingness to work together. As the song says, “WE ARE A FAMILY.” And as a family, whether we like it or not, we need to be willing to work with each other. This is what brought us our beautiful new school, our hospital back under our control, the Ridge Rider grounds improved. Many people are giving their time and skills to help others with that annual problem of income taxes. I am sure the list is longer, but it is time for me to get to my point.

Willing to work together, we can accomplish things we could never do as individuals. So why not consider becoming part of the spirit of spring? Go to a city council meeting. Go talk to a fireman, stay for one of their meetings. Drop off a bouquet of your early flowers at the reception desk at the hospital for all to enjoy. Getting involved in your community doesn’t have to involve special skills or huge blocks of time. We are an unusual community with great resources in people and their skills. Let’s try being a FAMILY, even if we don’t like each other much. Let’s put aside our petty grievances and work together. We have accomplished great things in the past. WE CAN DO IT AGAIN. AND WE CAN BRING SPRING BACK TO COULEE COUNTRY.

Carol Netzel

Coulee Dam

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