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The term "wild horse race" gave wrong idea to some

Letter to the Editor


In response to three letters published last week so fervently against the “Wild horse race” coming up this weekend, there needs to be some things cleared up.

The term “Wild horse race” has misled the three concerned ladies that voiced their strong objection and outrage against this “most inhumane thing.” First of all, these are not “wild horses” as you would see on some National Geographic documentary. Usually these are horses that have demonstrated that they don’t have the temperament to be saddle horses.

Most horses that have shown this trait of not willing to be domesticated are sent down the road to a glue factory or made into steaks for people who don’t really care about where protein comes from, like the French. So instead of “suffering this fate,” these horses are fed, cared for and protected from predators year-round in exchange for spending a few weekends kicking and stomping humans that want to try to ride them. There is even a veterinarian on call for them during this event if one of the horses gets hurt. What’s not fair about that kind of a deal?

As far this being the “most inhumane thing that people can do to a wild horse,” the person that said this has not seen real cruelty to horses, and this event is far from that, and these are not “wild horses,” just horses that don’t like the idea of being rode.

The comparison of this event being on par with “Christians being thrown to the lions” is exaggeration on the extreme. There is no claw and mandible action or public disembowlment anywhere.

Come see for yourself and have an enjoyable time at the Ridge Riders arena this weekend, and if it makes you feel any better, you can call this event “Team Bronc Riding” if you want to.

And by the way, the horses usually win.

Dave McClure

and Rachel McClure


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