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Coulee Cops

Grand Coulee Police 8/31 - A hospital employee told police that someone had cut the fence to gain entry to “the bull pen,” a fenced in parking area, and taken the catalytic converters off two vehicles. Police photographed the... — Updated 9/8/2021

 By Jacob Wagner    News

New music teacher starting at LR

"Music is part of human nature," according to new Lake Roosevelt Music Teacher Gabriel James, who moved to Coulee Dam recently for the gig.  James, who grew up in Spokane,... — Updated 9/8/2021


Club Championship this Saturday & Sunday

The Banks Lake Golf Course's Club Championship and Senior Club Championship is happening this Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 4-5, not beginning Friday. An advertisement in The Star... — Updated 9/2/2021


Updated: Powwow and stick games will now proceed for vaccinated

Reversing an earlier decision, the Colville Tribes will now allow previously canceled stick games and a powwow to go one, but only vaccinated people can attend. The Star received an email announcing the decision late Wednesday... — Updated 9/1/2021 Full story


Coulee Cops

Grand Coulee Police 8/23 - Police checked on children alone in a running car at Safeway. The oldest child was 11. Two other kids were there, one of them asleep. The oldest child said their mom had run into the store a few minutes... — Updated 9/1/2021

 By Jacob Wagner    News

30 trees to be removed along highway

You may notice some greenery missing from the drive along SR-155 near the north end of Grand Coulee in the future. About 30 pine trees near Grand Coulee’s wastewater treatment facility on the north side of the road will be... — Updated 9/1/2021


August was a bad month for COVID in the Coulee

Cases of COVID-19 have doubled in less than a month in the cities of Electric City and Grand Coulee. Since Aug. 4, local cases in Grant County have doubled to 98 total cases, up by... — Updated 9/1/2021 Full story

 By Jacob Wagner    News

Lowering speed limit unpopular idea

The idea of lowering the speed limit from 45 to 30 miles per hour on SR-155 between Electric City and Grand Coulee is a vastly unpopular idea, a Star survey reveals, with 88% of people being against it. However, it may be... — Updated 9/1/2021

 By Scott Hunter    News

CMC adapts to surging cases, testing demand

A 1,000%-plus surge in demand for covid testing, brought on by burgeoning cases nearby and across the country, is forcing the local hospital to adapt its operations. Before the more-contagious Delta variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus... — Updated 9/1/2021 Full story

 By Scott Hunter    News

Homes saved in quick fire response

Firefighters converged with speed and coordination on a hillside blaze just above Banks Avenue in Grand Coulee Sunday night, saving several residences just below the city water... — Updated 9/1/2021

 By Jacob Wagner    News

Intercity speed limit drop being eyed again

The speed limit between Electric City and Grand Coulee, currently at 45 miles per hour, could drop to 30 with the construction of a new pedestrian/bike pathway. The Star would like to know whether you want the speed limit lowered.... — Updated 8/30/2021 Full story

 By news release    News

Ivermectin should not be used to prevent or treat COVID-19

OLYMPIA – The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) warns people should not take ivermectin to prevent or treat COVID-19, following today’s Health Alert Network advisory... — Updated 8/26/2021 Full story


Omak Stampede linked to cluster of COVID-19 cases

Attendees of the Omak Stampede are urged to watch for symptoms of COVID-19 after an outbreak was announced in an Aug. 25 press release from Okanogan County Public Health. "Okanogan County Public Health is reporting a COVID-19... — Updated 8/26/2021 Full story


Coulee Cops

Grand Coulee Police 8/17 - Police collected a Glock 43 handgun found at Sunbanks Lake Resort. A woman called police later and said it was hers. Police told her she would have to talk to the evidence clerk and most likely have to... — Updated 8/25/2021

 By Jacob Wagner    News

Park renamed again, taking champ's name off

Well, it lasted longer than 8 seconds, but after just four years of being named Shane Proctor Park, that park is going back to its old name.  The park on SR-174, in Grand Coulee... — Updated 8/25/2021

 By Jacob Wagner    News

School leaders stress student mental health to governor

The mental health of students should be addressed more regularly by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, according to a letter school superintendents sent to him and to the state Department of Health.  Grand Coulee Dam School District... — Updated 8/25/2021


Fall will mean sports

Lake Roosevelt Raiders practice Tuesday evening at Greene Field in Coulee Dam with a fuller schedule ahead of them this season, starting just a few weeks after the state covid... — Updated 8/25/2021


Vaccines required for some to be employed

Workers in some fields are required to be vaccinated or face losing their jobs, and indoor masks are required again in Washington state as the delta variant of the coronavirus sickens more people than earlier strains did last... — Updated 8/25/2021 Full story


Big week for COVID in the Coulee area

Another 20 COVID cases have been reported in the Grand Coulee and Electric City area of Grant County since just last week, making up 23.5% of the total cases in the area since the start of the pandemic. Grant County Health District... — Updated 8/25/2021 Full story

 By Jacob Wagner    News

Helicopters at airport helping in severe fire season

An agreement, new this year, allows state firefighting helicopters to park at the Grand Coulee Dam Airport and that's helping put out local fires sooner than later. The Washington... — Updated 8/18/2021

 By Jacob Wagner    News

Animal control may be in the works in Electric City

The lack of animal control locally has been an ongoing issue since time immemorial, but gears are turning in Electric City minds to find a solution for all the local towns. It’s an issue that rears its head at least a couple... — Updated 8/18/2021

 By Jacob Wagner    News

Add a new semi-truck to cost of local trash

A new semi-truck to haul the trailers of trash that come out of the Delano Regional Transfer Station to a landfill in Ephrata will cost a pretty penny in the ballpark of $180,000-$200,000. The Regional Board of Mayors, which includ... — Updated 8/18/2021


Chelan-Pateros land eyed for tribal development

The business development arm of the Colville Tribes has announced it is looking at a site between Pateros and Chelan for its latest economic development efforts, saying spot has the hallmarks of a new “flagship” resort for the... — Updated 8/18/2021


Covid cases rising fast locally

Covid cases have been active in the community again after a month-long lull, with an additional 21 local cases reported in the past two weeks, a third of all local cases since the start of the pandemic. Since The Star’s last... — Updated 8/18/2021 Full story

 By Scott Hunter    News

Outdoor concert spreads virus

An outdoor music festival in Grant County spread Covid-19 across the state, perhaps underscoring the new realization that the most common variant of the virus that causes it spreads far more easily, even outdoors. The Watershed... — Updated 8/18/2021 Full story


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