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  • We need to make more of our own drugs

    Rich Lowry, The National Review|May 27, 2020

    A country learns about itself in a crisis, and one revelation in the coronavirus emergency is that we can’t make our own penicillin. The first patient successfully treated with the antibiotic was a woman suffering from sepsis in a Connecticut hospital in 1942. Her treatment took up half the country’s supply. Yet in short order we figured out how to mass produce the medicine, saving the lives of countless soldiers in World War II. Once, factories throughout the country made the stuff. But that was a long time ago. The last U.S. plant to mak... Full story

  • Canada is not the enemy

    Rich Lowry|Jun 20, 2018

    Justin Trudeau may be the annoying, youthful avatar of chic progressivism — but he’s not our adversary. After leaving the G-7 summit, President Donald Trump blasted the Canadian prime minister on Twitter as weak and dishonest, in the kind of invective once reserved for “Little Rocket Man.” The Trump presidency routinely produces unprecedented events, and here is another: Never before has a president of the United States spoken as scornfully in public about the head of state of a friendly, allied country. Particularly one who has appeare...

  • Not on our soil

    Rich Lowry|May 31, 2017

    The Turkish government is obviously familiar with the concept of “chutzpah,” if not necessarily the word. Ankara summoned the American ambassador to protest allegedly “aggressive and unprofessional actions” by the Washington, D.C., police. Their offense? Intervening after Turkish security personnel mauled peaceful protesters outside the Turkish ambassador’s residence in Washington. Video of the incident is jaw-dropping. About a dozen people protested Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan -- arriving at the ambassador’s residence after a Whi... Full story

  • The Trump-Sanders two-step

    Rich Lowry|Jun 1, 2016

    The upshot of the Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump phenomena is that both parties are moving to the left. Sanders’ and Trump’s styles and affects are very different –the rumpled, oddball lecturer in Socialism 101 vs. the boastful, power-tie-wearing business mogul – but they have worked in tandem to ensure that the center of gravity in this fall’s presidential election will be further to the left than it has been in decades. By seizing the initiative in their race from the beginning to what looks like an increasingly bitter end, Bernie Sanders h... Full story

  • Challenge to Hillary Is Democratic win-win

    Rich Lowry|May 7, 2014

    Hillary Clinton is in a formidable position to win the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, should she decide to run. But someone else also is in an enviable position: Whoever challenges her. The dynamics of the Democratic 2016 race so far feel more like an incumbent president clearing the primary field of any potential spoilers prior to a re-election bid rather than a wide-open nomination contest. At this early juncture, the question is not so much who will be her opponent(s), but whether she will have any, or even one. She certainly... Full story