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  • Electric City surprise

    Maryann Winn|Apr 17, 2019

    Surprise! The Electric City Council has decided to change the y-shaped intersection in front of city hall in Electric City. Am I the only one who heard of this for the first time after reading it in The Star newspaper? It’s the first time the Electric City fire chief knew of this project. Is this even a done deal? Varying responses from council members at the last council meeting indicate that it is not set in stone, but City Clerk Russ Powers seems to think it is. Mr. Powers is quoted in The Star as saying, “The point is to slow down tra...

  • Re: "Hospital controversy may settle down" (3/26/14 Star)

    Maryann Winn|Apr 2, 2014

    I don’t think so. It isn’t just Scott Graham that the hospital staff does not trust. It is the entire administration. And the board still doesn’t see why that is. This administration has ruled with intimidation, secrecy and double standards, and is more self serving than any before it. They used intimidation constantly at monthly leadership (department manager) meetings by regularly stating “CMC is an at-will employer and can fire anyone at anytime for any reason,” and they expected department managers to follow administrative decisions...