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Hardworking farmers deserve a strong trade agreement

A story out of Ritzville recently gained national attention: Larry Yockey is a fourth-generation wheat farmer, and for nearly fifty years, he hasn’t missed a harvest. Sadly, Larry was recently diagnosed with stage four cancer,... — Updated 8/21/2019


Holocaust remembrance fading

Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate, the late Elie Wiesel, once said of that horrific state-sponsored genocide that, “to forget the victims means to kill them a second time. So I couldn’t prevent the first death. I surely... — Updated 4/25/2018


Reforms needed to improve school safety

Something that has been lacking in the current national debate on firearms is trust and good faith. Responsible gun owners mourn the innocent victims of mass shootings. Responsible gun owners want to keep our communities safe.... — Updated 3/14/2018


40 million reasons to save our dams

What would life in the Mid-Columbia be like if dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers were removed? What would then be used to control flooding that devastated communities before the dams were put in place? How would we provide clea... — Updated 3/7/2018


Path forward needed for water infrastructure

Last week, the Trump administration released its proposal to modernize our nation’s infrastructure, a blueprint that gives hope for federal support and a positive path forward on projects across the country that are stalled due... — Updated 2/21/2018


Trump administration right to reverse federal overreach

The right to an individual’s life, liberty, and private property underpins any free society. It is a well-established principle enshrined in the Constitution’s 5th Amendment that under a limited government, no individual can be... — Updated 2/14/2018


March for Life and federal legislation show support for unborn

On Friday, January 19, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators joined together and walked along the National Mall in Washington, D.C., for the 45th annual March for Life. In full view of the Lincoln Memorial and the U.S. Capitol,... — Updated 1/31/2018


Promise kept on reducing tax burdens

For hard-working families and entrepreneurs in Central Washington, keeping more of your own paycheck was my goal in supporting historic legislation approved by Congress, The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The last time the nation’s... — Updated 12/27/2017


Bill would streamline USBR, BIA water projects

Life on our eastern side of Washington’s so-called “Cascade divide” certainly offers many natural advantages: less rain, more time spent outdoors in the sunshine, and an ideal climate for apples, wine grapes and many other cr... — Updated 11/29/2017


Legislative wins for Central Washington approved by U.S. House

Much of the nation’s attention has rightly been focused on Congress’ current push for historic tax reform — the first major effort in more than 30 years. While pro-growth tax reform is a critical topic, I would like to share... — Updated 11/15/2017


Legislative solution required to protect Dreamers

When President Trump’s administration announced that it would give six months to wind down the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, many young people called “Dreamers,” immigrants who grew up in the U.S.,... — Updated 9/13/2017


Productive August in Central Washington

In the Fourth Congressional District, the August district work period has been a busy time for me traveling up and down Central Washington to meet with constituents and hear their concerns firsthand. Many communities in our area ar... — Updated 9/6/2017


Safeguard veterans' Second Amendment rights

The Second Amendment is an individual right guaranteed to Americans in our Constitution. Especially after the fight for independence against the British, the Founders understood the importance of an armed citizenry. In Federalist P... — Updated 8/30/2017


Supporting teaching health centers to boost rural care

Delivering high quality health care in rural communities – including those in Central Washington – has long been a growing challenge. Access to primary care can be time-consuming and costly for medically-underserved rural... — Updated 8/2/2017


A more perfect union

Wealthy coastal cities versus the agrarian countryside. Supporters of big central government versus advocates of a limited government. Big states versus small states. Manufacturers versus traders. Debt hawks versus doves. Sound... — Updated 7/5/2017


A good and faithful judge

Fourteen months ago, the sudden passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia left a void on the nation’s highest court. Not only did the court lose an esteemed colleague, but the nation lost an eloquent advocate for... — Updated 4/12/2017


Progress on Repairing America's Health Care

Throughout my time representing the people of Central Washington in the U.S. Congress, constituents from across the 4th District have shared with me their deeply personal stories about the struggles and hardships they’ve faced... — Updated 3/15/2017


Rescuing America's Health Care System

  Repealing and replacing “Obamacare” is necessary to prevent Americans from suffering the consequences of this failed and unraveling law. Promises of affordability and lower premiums have turned into the reality of... — Updated 3/8/2017


Rule reversal protects due process and Second Amendment rights

In December, at the very end of the Obama administration, federal officials finalized a rule that could limit the ability of some seniors who receive Social Security benefits to exercise their Second Amendment rights. The federal... — Updated 2/15/2017


Require common sense and accountability for public lands

As Washingtonians, all we have to do to enjoy some of the most beautiful natural scenery anywhere is to look out the window or take a short drive to one of our spectacular national parks or forests. We treasure our access to public... — Updated 2/1/2017


Peaceful transition a hallmark of American democracy

America is not the norm. As citizens of one of the world’s oldest constitutional republics, every American, myself included, sometimes needs reminding about the extent to which our freedoms and traditions are the exception... — Updated 1/18/2017


Washingtonians serving one another

The great philosopher Bob Hope once said, “My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?” He has a point. This time... — Updated 12/28/2016


Change coming to Washington

As the 114th Congress comes to an end, it is worth looking back on my first term in Congress and highlight the important accomplishments and the change that Americans should expect before the 115th Congress convenes next year.... — Updated 12/21/2016


Federal government must listen to local community on snake river dams

Hundreds of local residents showed up last week in Pasco for a debate that many thought had long been settled. We again find ourselves making the case that proposals to breach the Columbia and lower Snake River dams would hurt our... — Updated 11/30/2016


Celebrating 127 years of the Evergreen State

Washington my home; Where ever I may roam; This is my land, my native land, Washington, my home. Our verdant forest green, Caressed by silvery stream; From mountain peak to fields of wheat. Washington, my home.   This verse of... — Updated 11/16/2016


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