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  • Generations

    Dan Langdon|Jun 12, 2024

    My parents were of the “Greatest Generation”: Dad served in the Army Air Corps in the European Theatre, and Mom was a defense worker. They had grown up in the Great Depression, which was a time of political division and grinding poverty. There was a populist element in the country that wanted the United States to be isolationist, led by the heroic pilot Charles Lindburg. Industrialist Henry Ford was a quiet supporter of Adolph Hilter. A Catholic priest named Father Edward Coughlin had a huge national radio audience where he spewed ant...

  • Brunell hysteria misses facts

    Dan Langdon|Jan 17, 2024

    Don C. Brunell really outdid himself with his January 10th column, “Biden needs to expose his secret Snake River dam plan to reality.” Despite his somewhat hysterical and overwrought tone, no “secret plan” was hatched in “the White House Basement.” The leaked policy statement he refers to is very much a matter of public record and has been for at least a month. It does not endorse removing the dams; it only looks at replacing lost generation from the power grid if they are to be removed — an obvious and sensible move. Also, any plan to breac...

  • Charge of bias is hollow

    Dan Langdon|Oct 5, 2022

    Recent letters to the editor accusing The Star of bias ring hollow to me. After all, the editorial page regularly runs columns by Republican Representative Dan Newhouse and conservative business leaders. Editorial pages are for everyone to express their opinions — including the publisher of The Star. Opinions as to who was the “best” or “worst” President are as varied as there are presidents, and have been around for all 246 years of the republic. All should be respected for what they are — opinions. It’s history that will make the final det...