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 By Carol Schoning    Opinion

More than DAYcare needed

I know the subject of childcare has been brought up before, and we do have a daycare center and several in home sitters available. They all seem busy showing the need is there. I believe that there is an area of great need not... — Updated 1/18/2023

 By Carol Schoning    Opinion

Re: "One nation, indivisible" 6-22-22

2 There are several very important words of the pledge of allegiance: I pledge ALLEGIANCE (loyalty or commitment) to the flag of the UNITED (joined together politically for a common purpose) States of America and to the REPUBLIC (a... — Updated 6/29/2022 Full story


Re: "Why progress is hard for this community" editorial Dec. 8

In a space of 7 miles Here’s a further perspective. Four communities, or neighborhoods, that have a combined population of 3,378 (current Census), a distance of 7 miles or 15 minutes from the southernmost to the northernmost t... — Updated 12/15/2021

 By Carol Schoning    Opinion

Won't be sending granddaughter to school

I think that opening our school district to face-to-face learning is one of the biggest mistakes we could have made to start with. We start out allowing 25 per 100,000, then 75 and now 200. Who are they trying to kid? What is this... — Updated 12/9/2020

 By Carol Schoning    Opinion

Re: "Risky time to take risks" editorial, Nov. 11 issue

Just a comment on Scott Hunter’s thoughts on starting in-person learning again: In my 70s and raising a now teenager who says I am an (old fashioned, crazy, crabby old lady), I often wonder if she is right. I have answered the q... — Updated 11/18/2020

 By Carol Schoning    Opinion

Some factors to consider

I keep thinking it has to be full-moon time from the actions of people around me, but no, it wasn’t that. Then I read your article on the number of suicides — seven in a week (“Many take their own lives in last two weeks,” 7/25/18... — Updated 8/1/2018

 By Carol Schoning    Opinion

Another idea for the middle school

There is a letter to the editor this week suggesting the old middle school become Grand Coulee’s new city hall. What a waste of space that would be. It seems that this is the perfect opportunity for a community center, which c... — Updated 8/27/2014 Full story

 By Carol Schoning    Opinion

Disappointed in new laser show

If Saturday night was the entire new light show (as it didn’t start until about 10:30 instead of 10 and was over by 11), I am truly disappointed. I had heard it was much longer than the old one. The story is fantastic! The p... — Updated 5/28/2014 Full story

 By Carol Schoning    Opinion

Public outcry needed to save hospital

Public outcry needed to save hospital We need our doctors, the ones we know and trust. If they leave, I believe that CMC may as well close their doors. If Mr. Graham leaves real soon it might have a chance. Who is he, anyway; I... — Updated 3/5/2014 Full story

 By Carol Schoning    Opinion

Jan Erickson for volunteer of the year

I would like to nominate Jan (Bonamici) Erickson for volunteer of the year. I realize that because she is a teacher many see what she does as part of her job, but it goes far beyond that. I have known Jan since 1985, as a... — Updated 12/23/2013 Full story

 By Carol Schoning    Opinion

Re: "Voters to choose from three mayoral candidates"

I think Greg Wilder would make a great new major. Quincy has done a good job for many years. Coulee Dam needs someone more in tune with younger families and their priorities now. The city council could probably use a burst of new... — Updated 7/24/2013 Full story

 By Carol Schoning    Opinion

Re: "City: no daycare on Main Street" 4/10/13

Have none of these council members ever looked for daycare in this area? Impossible! So most children are cared for by unlicensed caregivers in their homes or relatives who don’t always WANT to do it. I would think in the i... — Updated 4/17/2013 Full story

 By Carol Schoning    Opinion

Record breaking Halloween on Camas St.

We handed out over 240 treats between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.! We ran out and turned the light off so, there may even have been more! We average between 180 and 200, normally, between 5 and a bit after 9 p.m. Carol Schoning Coulee... — Updated 11/7/2012 Full story

 By Carol Schoning    Opinion

How about a buzzer?

Having had two evening visits to our nice, up-to-date hospital emergency room, the first time I went there was no one to be seen, so I pulled the door open. Now when the front door is locked for the night, there is a sign saying,... — Updated 3/28/2012 Full story


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