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Grand Coulee Police

8/13 - A Gehrke Place homeowner told police that a shed given to a man and had been on a trailer parked outside her home since May. She said he had still not removed it despite being asked to do so. The trailer didn’t have proper tabs. No tow companies were available to remove it, so police tagged it with an unauthorized vehicle notice.

- Contacted by Grand Coulee Dam’s Security Control Center, police went to SR-155 near the viewpoint just below the dam, where a semi-truck had parked along the road, blocking the southbound lane about 8 p.m. The occupants had gotten out of the vehicle to take pictures of the scenic view. Police found their paperwork to be in good standing and suggested more suitable places to park the large vehicle. They drove the vehicle off and out of the way.

8/14 - A Butler Square resident reported being charged $1,800 for work including stacking concrete blocks for a retaining wall, painting boards, and building a wooden rack. She showed police a handwritten contract for the work. She gave the man the money so he could get his vehicle out of impound. Neighbors were concerned she was being taken advantage of. A minimal amount of work had been done. Police explained that it was a civil issue and she should go with a licensed contractor in the future. The man, who was at another neighbor’s house, said he planned to complete the work.

- A Roosevelt Drive woman reported that someone was texting her son demanding money for photos taken from her son’s Snapchat account and altered. The person demanded money and then sent the photos to the son’s followers on Instagram in a group chat. Police told the son it was a scam and not to provide personal information to strangers online, and to report the accounts to the social media providers to prevent future victims. 

- Police collected a vehicle registration document found at the hospital. Police were unable to contact the person named on the registration. 

8/15 - Police went to a Main Street residence to look for a girl who ran away from her Idaho home, and whose phone pinged to the area where the boy she was said to have run away with lives. Police were allowed to search the home and didn’t see the girl there. Unrelated, The boy was wanted on an unrelated warrant and was taken to a juvenile jail in Chelan County.

8/17 - An officer assisted Coulee Dam Police in arresting a man at the casino in Coulee Dam who was wanted on an arrest warrant. He was taken to Okanogan County Jail.

- Two people with flashlights were seen tampering with a vehicle near Spokane Way and Banks Avenue at about 10:30 p.m. The owner told the responding officer that it appeared someone had tried to get into a toolbox at the front of the bed of the pickup truck.

8/18 - A motorhome on Bowen Street with tabs years out of date was moved following complaints.

- Approaching midnight, a car had been parked on Spokane Way at a carwash for over an hour, then a woman got out and walked down the street as was observed by the owner through a security camera. Police were unable to locate the woman but told the owner they would conduct extra patrols and keep an eye on the car. 

8/19 - An officer assisted Coulee Dam Police at the casino where a man had defecated on the sidewalk. Told he wasn’t allowed to drink in public, the man shouted profanities at police. The area where he defecated was taped off until it could be cleaned up.

- Two kids were reported to have stolen Nerf guns from a Grand Coulee Avenue yard sale that were being sold for $80. Police did not locate the juveniles.

Coulee Dam Police

8/6 - A homeowner on north Columbia Avenue reported an attempted burglary he thought had occurred overnight. Police observed a damaged front door jamb near the latch and deadbolt. Entry had apparently not been successful and nothing was missing. 

8/8 - Police explained to an Electric Boulevard woman that, because her boyfriend has a no-contact order against her, if he comes to their home, where both their names are on the lease, she would be in violation of the order.

8/9 - Police removed a deer that was inside a fenced area on Stevens Avenue in Coulee Dam.

8/12 - Police went to Sunbanks Lake Resort where an intoxicated man had reportedly been upset that his fiancee was trying to sleep, and he had grabbed her arm. Police didn’t observe any bruising on the arm and the woman didn’t want to press charges, only to go to sleep. The man was allowed to sleep in his car without his keys to avoid a DUI charge.

- Police responded to Fifth Street in Electric City, where a woman had reportedly been administered Narcan after taking fentanyl. She was taken by ambulance to Coulee Medical Center.

- Police arrested and jailed a man for violating a Grant County protection order after finding him in the back seat of a car they had pulled over for mismatched license plates.

8/13 - A car alarm was going off on Columbia Avenue. The owner said it was likely his cats that set it off. 

8/14 - A car was pulled over on Crest Drive after being seen driving with poor lane control. Police observed open containers of alcohol in the car and cases of Coors Light, and the man showed signs of intoxication. He was arrested for driving under the influence and taken to Okanogan County Jail. 

8/16 - A woman reported her rear license plate had been stolen while she was in either Coulee Dam, Grand Coulee, or Electric City.

- Police arrested a Grand Avenue man for assault against his girlfriend. He was taken to Grant County Jail for domestic violence and for resisting arrest. Grand Coulee Police assisted.

- Police arrested a man in the casino on a Dept. of Corrections warrant and took him to Okanogan County Jail.

8/18 - A man reported that his 11-year-old son had been using the social media app TikTok when an older man asked to see his penis and sent the boy a photo of his. Police said they would contact the Washington State Patrol Sex Crimes unit about the matter, and otherwise Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department would handle the case as the boy lives in that county.

- Police received reports of a verbal argument at the Skydeck Motel, and a noise complaint at the bar in Electric City.

8/19 - Police went to Miller Avenue where people were reported to have been throwing furniture around. Police spoke to people staying in a nearby room that was the source of the noise. Police told them to keep it down if they were the ones making noise.

8/20 - Someone was reported as suspicious because they were sitting in a parked car on Columbia Avenue for over an hour with their headlights on. Police didn’t respond because there was no crime being committed. 


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