Four towns and/or cities, but the largest community in the area needs some help!


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Four towns and/or cities, but the largest community in the area needs some help!

The Community of Spring Canyon Cemetery was dedicated on March 30 ,1959, has 2,200-plus residents, 4.5 acres of grass, a park manager, council. The cemetery is privately owned by the Grand Coulee Dam Area Lions, but gets no state of federal money to operate.

Like many other communities, Spring Canyon Cemetery board members are few and are aging and unable to do several of the tasks that are needed to keep up the cemetery in tip top shape.

Yes, we have a grounds keeper like the other cities in the area. but the residents need help keeping their lots trimmed, if you have families and/or friends, they need you to come out a couple times a year and trim around their home (headstones). Part of the residents have a full size home (full burial) lot and some just have a tiny home (urn).

Also, like in the city, if you do not have the address of resident in large letters people will not be able to locate you. SO! the homes that only have the small, temporary marker are hard to find, and the addresses in time disappear into the lawn. At the family get together this year, have the family join finances and purchase a headstone for your loved ones.

Like a lot of comminutes, we have an HMO, so please read the signage posted at the entrance of the area. No plastic flowers all summer, no driving or parking on the grass.

Help, Help, Help. We need help with some of the book work that it takes to keep any community running, just like the other four communities. The international index for graveyards is You can get into this program for free or join at no cost where there are other things you can do. If you have residents at Spring Canyon Cemetery and have a computer or a friend with a computer, check and see if your family and friends have the following

1) Full dates born and died ( Month, day and Year)

2) Place born and died, town, county and state

3) A bio (maybe a copy of their Obit

4) A picture of them- preferred NOT their high school or military

5) A Picture of their headstone (hope they have a full size not a SMALL Temp)

6) Mark if they are a female or male

7) Mark if they are a Veterans

8) Tie them to their parents (Find A Grave Number)

9) Tie them to a spouse if passed (Find a Grave number)

Want to be a part of “Friends of Spring Canyon”? Text or email me at 509-631-0303 or Or most weekdays at Seniors at 9am.

Birdie Hensley


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